Hi, I'm Yan. I'm a passionate storyteller. I'm a one-two-three person.

ONE PASSION - Storytelling. My deep-down passion on storytelling drove me boldly to go back to school being a full-time student after I turned to 33. I am currently taking a graduate program at University of Washington, emphasizing on digital media. I'm on my way to enrich my skills to apply various tools and platforms to create more compelling stories.

TWO PERSPECTIVES - EAST MEETS WEST. I love tea, which is my heritage. Tea is my best comfort drink, soothing my insecurity and giving me emotional strength. I brought a small bag of tea from my home town. It's my secret spiritual medication helping me go through some tough nights. I love coffee, especially after moving to Seattle. Soy latte is my go-to drink waking me up in the morning and bumping me up in gloomy days. Tea and coffee are both my energy power to ignite my creative sparkles and encourage me to explore this diverse world through different lenses.

THREE KEY SKILLS: Critical thinking + Communication skills + self-learner. My seven-year education background in law school sharpened my critical and strategic thinking. Sometimes, I may have perfectionist syndrome. My previous working experience polished my hard skills and soft skills in marketing communication field. I utilize those skills to help friends and contribute to communities. My current living-abroad adventure cultivates myself to be a self-learner and self-starter to adapt to local culture and fit into this fast-changing world. My curious brain propels me to keep leaning, never stop.

Recent Projects Highlights


This project was voted as Top 5 Projects of CommLead Program in 2016 . (5/60)

Promo Video for this project

BOBA LIFE - This video was filmed and edited within two days.

FOBs ARE HUNGRY: A multimedia and interactive story.


Accelerator YMCA video: a holistic intro video to articulate client's five main services

Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) Opening Celebration

I'm also an amateur photographer and designer.

My story is to be continued...

Contact me: yanl5@uw.edu

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