中共只会拆毁庙宇,殴打良民与信徒。 【中英对照翻译】

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近期,在安徽省发生了的一系列庙宇强拆,殴打信徒的事件,老人 、妇女、和尚无一幸免。

暴力强拆宗教建筑在中共统治下的中国早已不是新闻, 他们强拆清真寺,他们强拆基督教堂,他们强拆喇嘛庙,现在他们连本地老百姓的庙宇都不放过。

这就是共产党、这些“无神论者”在他们宪法中所说的“宗教自由”。 除了对极权的崇拜,他们对任何其它的宗教和信仰充满恐惧与仇恨。


Police Harass and Beat Believers Protecting Temples


by Lu An 09/08/2020

Authorities in Anhui Province use force against people who try to prevent demolitions of their worship venues.


On May 18, the Shucheng county government in the eastern province of Anhui sent more than 20 personnel and police officers to demolish a Buddhist temple, which was declared “a dilapidated building.” Because no official warning has been issued ahead of the demolition, temple members asked the government’s team to present some documentation. In response, a female official seized a “wooden fish”—a Chinese percussion instrument often used in Buddhist rituals—from one of the temple’s monks and destroyed it. But when one of the protesting women, who was filming the scene, asked the official to refrain from violence, police officers severely beat her.


The temple was turned into ruins. |这座寺庙变成了废墟。

“Three officers pressed her to the ground, hitting her collarbones until she lost consciousness, and the phone was destroyed,” an eyewitness recounted to Bitter Winter. “Other law enforcement officers didn’t stop them.”

“三名警官将她压在地上,打她的锁骨,直到她失去知觉,而且(她的)手机也被毁了。”一位目击者这样告诉《寒冬》(Bitter Winter Magazine), “其他执法人员并没有出面阻止他们。”

Police officers also attacked and injured a monk in his 70s for waving his walking stick in front of officials. The man was accused of “assaulting the police.” “Officers pushed him to the ground, and an official took away his walking stick and drove him out of the temple,” another eyewitness said.


A Buddhist monk was beaten for protecting the temple.|一名和尚因保护寺庙而遭到殴打。

Some believers posted the footage of the temple being demolished online and submitted a petition to higher authorities. But they were told that they were “damaging the government’s image” and ordered to stop petitioning and sharing demolition images.

一些信徒在网上发布了这座寺庙被拆除的影像资料,并向上级机关递交了请愿书。 但他们被告知他们正在“破坏政府形象”,并被勒令停止上访和传播强拆影像。

On July 2, the government of Dangtu county, administered by the prefecture-level city of Ma’anshan, dispatched over 100 police officers to demolish a folk religion temple in one of its villages. The venue was built with over 700,000 RMB (about $ 98,000) raised by villagers.


The folk religion temple was built with villagers’ money.|这间民间寺庙是用村民的钱建造的。

“Special police officers cordoned off the temple, preventing us from approaching,” a villager remembered. “They then smashed the lock to get inside and demolished the temple after dragging out the eight elderly believers protecting it.”


Police officers prohibited villagers from approaching the temple.|警察禁止村民接近寺庙。

A week before the demolition, over 60 villagers organized to take turns protecting the temple 24 hours a day. Village officials repeatedly harassed them.


“A township official told us that the temple had to be demolished regardless of our objections, and even if there are casualties,” the villager added. “The temple was demolished after eight days of resistance. We could do nothing against the government’s draconian measures and ruthless behavior.”


In March, Mamiao town’s government in Anqing city’s Huaining county dispatched over 200 personnel to demolish a local Buddhist temple, without informing the temple’s director and villagers to avoid public protests. A government employee who took part in the demolition explained that temples are being demolished to implement a national policy.


Officials ordered to plant corn in place of the demolished temple.|官员命令在被拆毁的神庙的所在地种上玉米。

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