Rome pic collage Miles Mougette

The Tyrrhnian, and Mediterranean Sea was located west side of Rome. It gives the Romes a good body of water to fish, and trade across water. the Mediterranean Sea was close enough to fish and trade across but it was far enough for the get away from the pirates invitation.

Mediterranean Sea

the Tiber river was a great water resource living 15 miles up the river from the Mediterranean. The river was freshwater for the communities a round the area. It also gave people ways to trade easily. with the help of fishing in it also. the river was a source to the rest of the Mediterranean world.

Tiber River

Rome had very good rich soil. the soil gave them big options of what to grow. they grew wheat, barley, olives, grapes, apples, onions, and celery. this gave them lots or even so food for a day to a week. there rich soil came in handy because they could sell of trade crops but couldn't really do that the the soil.

Rich Soil

The Apennines mountains run all the way down the boot from the north to south. The Sicily Mountains runs across the top of the boot are the Alps. These two mountains can be crossed more easily because the mountain is not rugged. because of that,people settle in Italy aren't split up into smaller communities as the Greeks were. also the mountains here in Italy are on the side of the country but in Greek had the mountains in the middle witch made it hard to settle in.

Apennines Mountains


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