caption writing Kaley Abbott

Noodle Doodle: Morgan Deering work with a group to build a noodle tower. Last Monday, March 13th, students were requested to build towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti noodles. "This project is different than others we have done because we photographed people actually doing things rather than just posing for a camera" stated Morgan.
As Presley had brought her imagination to the table, the rest of the group contributed. As obstacles stood in Presley's way she stood strong to build off of what first came to mind. "Knowing how and what to do for our tower was difficult" said Presley.
Star bright: The group built their imagination into a tower of noodles and marshmallows. As everyone had loved the project, this difficulties spiked the tower took a tole. "One thing i would have done differently would be to protect our project" said Kaley.
Fun Day: As Kiara Patty overcame the obstacles of the tower, she had a fun day as it traveled on. The group played a big role in revealing a task that must have been done but the group had fun as well. "Playing with the marshmallows and sticks" stated Kiara.

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