'tis the season for colors decorating with flowers always adds style to the holidays

poinsettias everywhere!

The ultimate Christmas decoration

To create a no-fuss tablescape, use poinsettia bracts in bud vase napkin rings and place a large poinsettia in the center of the table. Tip: To create a prettier poinsettia do not overlook the pot/container/vase you are using to display your plant. You do not have to keep the plants in their shiny sleeves and basic black pots!

cut flower poinsettias

Have you ever considered using cut flower poinsettias in your Christmas flower arrangements or as stand alone flowers? Poinsettia bracts are gorgeous and one cut flower in a bud vase makes a huge impact. But there is a secret to keeping cut poinsettias looking fresh longer. The key is knowing how to sear the cut stems with a candle flame! Searing will stop the milk sap from leaking out of the plant while still allowing the stems to absorb water.

When you break off a poinsettia leaf or stem hold the area excreting sap over a candle flame until it bubbles and sears the area. It will turn black in the areas where you do this, but it won’t detract from your decorating. You will know if you seared the stems correctly based on their post perk or droop. If your poinsettias begin to wilt in your vase, try searing the stem once again and return them to water. Also, you shouldn’t see a milky stream in the water. The water should remain clear.

Two essential tips for sparkling health!

No such thing as too many!

1. Keep your poinsettia warm and out of drafts at all times. Cold temperatures and drafts make poinsettias drop their leaves from the bottom up.

2. Water your poinsettia enough to wet the soil but do not let the roots sit in water as they will rot. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings.

Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours!


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