Matt McPherson Renaissance Man

Matt McPherson is a person that can build everything, like the first Mathews bows, and home made guitars, and he creates his own music. Matt McPherson life changed a lot from then to now. Matt growed up with his family and with 6 siblings. When Matt was smaller he always went hunting with his dad or his uncle. Also ,he is now married to his wife Sherry. In fact, they have 3 sons and they adapted a romain daughter and the romain daughters brother. Right now Matt McPherson is living in La Crosse, Wisconsin with his family. Later on on life, Matt McPherson was awarded the Industry award. So he brought his design and wood shop teacher to come with him, to thank them. In the end, he started off with not a lot ,but now he is creating all different items and living his life.

This is Matt and Sherry his wife.

Matt McPherson was creating bows since he was 11 and then on he has been hooked every since. He started creating them because his mom wouldn't allow hunting with a gun. For this reason, he made the bows in wood shop and in design classes. In 1973 he came out with his first compound bow that he sold. Then in 2001 he starting creating compound bows with lighter weight. He did that so kids and teenagers can also have a bow they can handle. Finally with his hard work he ended up with the Mathews Bow company.

Here are just some of the bows Matt has made.

Matt might be the owner of Mathews bows but he also has a lot of different hobbies as well. For example, he makes homemade guitars. For that reason, Matt owns a guitar shop in Sparta, Wisconsin. This company is called McPherson Guitars. Also, him and his wife make and write their own music. They have made four cds so far. Another hobby is deer hunting. I know this because, Matt said “ I will always make time for deer hunting.” To sum it up, Matt has a lot of other hobbies and companies to make time for.

Some of Matt McPherson Guitars.

What Matt said about 2017 bows,““This year is all about expansion of our CROSSCENTRIC cam technology,” said Matt McPherson. “We want to make this extremely accurate, high-speed system available to all archers seeking a premium shooting experience.””Said Matt McPherson.

This is a newspaper article about one of his many bows.

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