Captain James Cook By : Coen Fitzpatrick

Captain James Cook grew up on a farm. Thats when he first wanted to be a captain.

His first voyage was to record venus to help Astronomers calculate the distance from the earth to the sun.

Captain James Cook sailed for England.

James had completed the observation of Venus so he opened the letter that he was only supposed to after the transit of Venus.

The letter told him to search for the rich southern continent Terra Australis .

At 39 James was promoted to commander of the expedition. They headed westward across the Pacific Ocean where they arrived at Tahiti.

Cook continued sailing until he reached the coast of New Zealand where he mapped the entire coastline. Cook kept sailing westward until he found the West coast of Australia.

Captain James Cook sailed for the army.

This is were he went and explored.

He was a British explorer.

He also was a cartographer.


When Captain Cook and his crew made their first landing in a place called Stingray Bay. But later he changed the name to Botany Bay. After his departure from Botany Bay, Cook's ship experienced a disaster. The Endeavor ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef where it took almost 7 weeks to repair. Captain Cook later returned home to England on the 12th of july 1771. His journals and notes were published and became very renowned and famous. He explored 1768 - 1771

Captain James Cook November 7, 1728 - February 14, 1779

The End : )


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