Revenge By Teddy woodman

The servants had been good. I was leaving my money to them. They ran around doing anything they could, but I knew nothing could help me.

Gormsey was a small town with many mansions and worn down house for the servants. The houses had been here for generations and no one had left or come to this town in many years. It was in the middle of a forest and there was only one road out. It was a normal day and I was going to the gym to start my daily workout. I had little money but that didn't stop me from going to the gym.

Everything was going good but about halfway through someone new walked in. I stopped and walked over to greet him. I knew everyone in the town except for him.

“Hi I'm John,” I said, “nice to meet you.”

“Hi my name is Matt,” he said.

“So, why did you move here?” I questioned.

“Well, I just got old enough to live on my own so my parents gave my money to buy a house and move into it. I saw this place online and decided it was good.” He answered.

Score! I thought. He had so much money and was so clueless. I can take advantage of him and do whatever I want. Stage one of my plan is to become good friends. Stage two is to tell him how I have little money. After he is sorry for me I will tell him what he needs to do to help me. I talked for a while and we had a good time. I felt bad that I would have to take advantage of him.

A couple months later we were great friends and we met every day for lunch or dinner. By now he knew that I was poor and lent money to me for bills and food because I could buy it. Today was the day I started stage three.

“When I was young me and my brother were best friends. We did everything together. I was entitled to our family's fortune and mansion but my brother did all he could to get the fortune. And one day he did, my parents changed the will. He got everything That was going to be mine. But I didn't know that until three days latter when our parents disappeared and the will was read to us. I got kicked out and never forgave my brother.” I told.

He was shocked and couldn't believe what I just said.

“I'm so sorry,” he replied, “is there anything I can do to help?”

“Actually yes,” I answered. Then I told him my plan to get my money back we set to work.

We scouted my brothers giant mansion with shining golden gates and marble walls. The looming white building towered over all around it. It was built like a castle and smelled of fire because that was the only heating. Inside were thousands of Henry's hunting trophies which varied from tigers to shark. We picked the perfect servant to help us. And then we waited.

It was month before my brother left and we could finally start. The servants live in the mansion so we bribed one to open the gates and let us in. I told him to gather everyone in the dining hall for a meeting. I walked through the hallways that never seemed to end taking it one step at a time. As I was walking I looked at all of the pictures and thought of my childhood memories.

Page eleven. “I know my brother has treated you poorly and you only stay because you can't find any other jobs. But I am raising your pay and shortening your hours,” I said. They cheered for me and everything went well the rest of the week. When I got news that my brother was coming home I left. When my brother got home he was enraged. He called me and screamed at me for 10 minutes. I went to sleep feeling bad that I was doing this and good that it was working.

The next morning I got a call that my brother had disappeared. And I owned every that was once his. I had to make sure the police didn't figure out what had happened. I took out all of his stuff and put mine in his place. It felt so weird living in the house that I grew up in. It would never be the same.

I heard the sirens getting closer and finally stop at the door and demand I come out.

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