I have always been such a fashion freak. When I was younger, I always thought I would become a huge fashion magazine editor or fashion designer and boss people around... that was also right after I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" for the 100th time. Although I am positive those plans won't fall through, I am pretty confident in my new plan though. Sorry little Taryn.

Danielle Nagel

This is Danielle Nagel, a very talented graphic designer of tee-shirts, posters, and many other products that she sells. She started graphic designing when she was 19. Using her talents in Adobe Photoshop helped her in her success. I first heard of Danielle this summer when she followed me on Instagram. I didn't know who she was, so I stalked all her social media and found out she was this really cool & successful graphic designer for clothing items. This appealed to me so I watched her videos on how to get logos that you want in Photoshop. Ever since that, I have downloaded Photoshop and attempt at some of the graphic designing she does in videos. And then it hit me, this lady is doing this for a living and that's freaking amazing. It's fun, artist, expands your Photoshop knowledge and its fashion involved. She has her own business called Dazey LA. This is exactly what I want to do when I'm older. With her social media marketing for her handmade merchandise, she has inspired me along with many others probably!

A picture of her doing a design for her merchandise. She's very good at Photoshop and will occasionally post helpful tips for people still learning how to use Photoshop.

I want to represent Dani, a successful business women, who incorporates her talents and hobby's to create a business that people are interested in. I want people to know that I am doing something that I enjoy and am passionate about. An independent business women who has incredible ideas on how to improve her work.

I would like to adventure into the business world and eventually gain enough knowledge and understanding to start my own business one day. I would have to get my MBA if I wanted to enter general businesses, but it doesn’t take much, except dedication and lots of time. I would like to have done something successful by the time I finish college at the 2-year college I will be attending. I will be going to U of U after going to LDS business college. In order to get accepted into this college, you have to have a letter of recommendation from your church pastor.

In Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a bigger city, but also a smaller city as well. Great place to start out at because starting small is always beneficial just to get the hang of things. I eventually want to move to a bigger city and continue business. I have been to Salt Lake City many times and I love it. It's important to tolerate the place where you will be at college. If you don't like you're atmosphere, then you are bound to feel uninspired. Inspiration is a crucial factor for me.

I already took my ACT’s and my SAT’s. I just need to apply now. The deadline is February, so I just need to fill out everything and send in my application. I will leave for college in late August or early September.

I do like the concept of learning business more so at LDS business, than I would at any other school. A school with people who have similar goals as you are inspirational to me. It also helps me get a better idea of how to create and build up my own business. I would enjoy attending this school and this was my choice. Also, my grades aren’t the best so starting out at a place like this might be the best for me anyways.

The first thing I did was visit the college and I didn’t really like it at first, but as I think about it more it grows on me. Then I did my testing for the college, they prefer ACT’s, and I should be able to send in my application here soon. They have a super high acceptance rate and it is very possible I will get accepted as well. It Is only a 2-year college, but I plan on staying through the off semesters to get it done sooner so I can move on with the education that I would prefer at University of Utah.

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