My TECHNOCLIL Evo 2017 The adventure continues

Hi! That's me! My name is Maria Rosaria De Rosa.

I'm a teacher of legal disciplines in a hight school of Naples, Italy.

Naples gives creativity to my work

This is my school: Francesco Saverio Nitti. This is a video presentation of my school I did with my students. Teaching is music and harmony

I teach political economy and law and my students are from 16 to 19 years old

My Family

I was a Lawyer.I made a choice in the name of love for my children: teaching. Now I love my students as if they were my children

Legality is my value

The right is my passion

I enjoy working in teams and I like to experiment teaching strategies

TechnoClilEvo17 has been my great opportunity
Five Weeks of Stars !!!!

... a challange...a new comunity and a working group

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) has become the umbrella term describing both learning another (content) subject such as physics or geography or economy through the medium of a foreign language and learning a foreign language by studying a content-based subject.

WEB Tools and Web are a box full of resources

A different pyramid TEACHING where the students are the protagonist

I planned in English my lessons on Italian Constitution and Italian Parliament : I've done!

And the extensive reading has been a stimulating experience.Another way :EXTENSIVE READING!! The students learn to read by actually reading rather than examining texts by studying the vocabulary, grammar and phrases. It is instructive to compare Intensive Reading (IR) with Extensive Reading. A "New Animal Farm" : the mine! Clik on the button...

I turned into an Avatar for my students in their fifth year of high school with B1 / B2 level in English

Prettier than me!!!!!

Enjoy in Cooperative learning in my last lesson on the Italian Parliament.

In this lesson the educational aim has been the acquisition of content and skills related to the functioning of Italian Parliament in the exercise of its sovereignty. It is important to acquire the specific disciplinary language and to develop of an independent and critical approach to the subject.

Learn with technology! The lesson was performed in a computer lab, with a computer station for each student. The use of LIM has been constant to allow the vision of the video and the use of web tools

Materials' collection, extensive reading and production of smoll texts for each working group to be included in a Padlet Class. Strengths: collaborative spirit and acquisition of both technological practice, which allows the acquisition of both general and disciplinary language

A lot of Keywords and a new specific Vocabulary !

The most difficult phase: evaluation

I created my evaluation grid for work group
I monitored the group work phases keeping it under constant observation by using this assessment grid

My favorite web tool :PREZI

And ADOBE SPARK...of course!!!!

Finally a fun scale : however, the law!!!

A new class!!!!

I would like to thank everyone for this experience

Letizia, Daniela, Nellie thanks for your patience

Thanks to the PLATFORM!!!!!!

Thanks to colleagues and to FB group

...but a special thanks goes to my students who have supported me in this experience!!!!

I feel better teacher


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