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SOL 2.7 The student will describe natural resources (water, soil, wood, and coal), human resources (people at work), and capital resources (machines, tools, and buildings).

NSS-EC.K-4.13 ROLE OF RESOURCES IN DETERMINING INCOME At the completion of Grade 4, students should know the following benchmarks for this standard: Labor is a human resource that is used to produce goods and services. People can earn income by exchanging their human resources (physical or mental work) for wages or salaries

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome: 2nd Grade history students What is this WebQuest all about? : This website is an interactive WebQuest that was designed to let all of you learn about human resources in a fun and engaging way! You will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of human resources by using the various links on this website. Author: Jamie Barr


Make sure to read over the directions of each section carefully so that you can become confident with human resources by watching interactive videos, playing games, and participating in activities. At the final section of this WebQuest you will have the opportunity to use your creativity for a fun creative project about Human Resources.


1. Human Resources is all about people working to produce goods and services, so for the first part of this task you will click the video below and listen to the different characters sing about the jobs that they have. The first time through the video just listen and pay attention to the different jobs that are mentioned. This first portion of the activity will allow you to get familiar with the different jobs that people do in the world!

2. Now that you have heard about some jobs in the video, you will now take out the piece of colorful paper that you were given and write down as many jobs as you can as you listen to the video for a second time. There are many jobs listed throughout the 1:45 minute video, but you just need to make sure to list at least 5 of the jobs on your paper.

3. Once you have written down your list of at least five jobs circle one or two that you think that you would enjoy. Write down one sentence about what you would be doing in the jobs that you have circled on your paper.

4. When you come to class you will be split up into pairs and you will share with your group member what jobs you both wrote about. Then have a quick discussion with each other about the differences, similarities, pros, and cons of the jobs that you both wrote down.


1. Human Resources are people working to produce goods and services, like the different jobs that you heard about in the video that you listened to. Now that you know more about more about what human resources are and have seen examples of how human resources are used everyday, you are going to get to explore the ways that people work even more throughout this activity!

2. You can now click the box below (the link) which will take you to "Career Town". When you get to the website you will see a town and when you run your mouse over it you will notice that three sections of the town get highlighted yellow. You will click one of the sections and within that section you will notice several places that you can visit. You will take the time to visit two of the places in the town and play that games there which will teach you more about those jobs.

3. Now that you have gotten the chance to explore some different jobs in Career Town, you are going to get the chance to play another game that will help you see which tools are needed for certain jobs. Click the box below (the link) labeled "Tools to Use on the Job!" and play the matching game that will test your knowledge on the tools that people need in order to complete their jobs successfully!

4. Finally, you will come back to class and will be split into groups of 4 and will work together to take what you have learned and create either a poster called "The Ways People Work To Produce Goods and Services". You will be given a small poster board, glue sticks, scissors, markers, and a Ziploc bag full of pictures of people working. You will follow the directions below to complete your poster.


1. Work with your group to identify what jobs are seen in the pictures. Talk with your group mates about the pictures that you see and figure out what to label the pictures. 2. When you have identified all of the pictures, you will glue them to your poster board in an organized way. 3. Once your pictures are glued down you will write a label above or underneath the picture so that it is clear what job is being done. 4. When you are finished with your poster you can decorate your poster as much as you would like to and then raise your hand so that the the teacher knows that you are finished.

When you are finished working with your group you will be given a small booklet called "Human Resources All Around Me" and inside you will see on the first page three sentences that are definitions of what Human Resources are and you will circle the correct one. On the second page you will write the name of one job that you found interesting. On the third page you will write down the name of a job and draw a tool that you would use in that job.


You will be graded based on the following:

1. You worked well with your group members to create a poster.

2. The first page of your booklet has the correct definition of Human Resources circled.

3. The second page of your booklet has the name of a job that interests you.

4. The third page of your booklet has a name of a job and a drawn picture of a tool that would be used in that job.

5. Your book is written in a neat and organized manner.

I will read over your group poster and booklet to see that you have met these requirements and that you are understanding the content!


As you worked to complete this WebQuest you have learned all about what human resources are, why human resources are important, and what they entail. Through watching videos, playing interactive games, having discussions, creating a poster, and filling out a Human Resource Booklet you have learned all about Human Resources! Now that you have this knowledge about human resources, you can start taking note of the human resources around you!


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