BLACK is the COLOR of POWER Get the most out of the most powerful of colors

Black is arguably the most powerful of all colors on the color spectrum. Dominant, Magnetic and Mysterious, Black is a force to be reckoned with.


Black is the color of DOMINANCE and CONTROL. Black is by far the most dominant color on the spectrum. Like a black hole in the universe absorbing all light into itself, Black has that same magnetic quality of being all-encompassing.

Black is the color of SECURITY.

Law enforcement uses "tactical black" clothing and gear to help them blend into their surroundings in an urban environment.

BLACK IS ONE-WAY. Think about the power of tinted windows, sunglasses or a one-way mirror. You can see out but others cannot see in - that's how black rolls. The visual epitome of security and control is seeing a motorcade of black SUVs maneuvering through a pre-planned course to a pre-planned destination. All with tinted windows, all with no other descriptors, light or sirens. Black is on its way and you had best move or get moved in the process. Black does not feel the need to answer questions about itself.

Black is a one-way mirror. Black is in control.


Black never goes out of style! A timeless classic, just about every color looks good with Black.

Black is very complimentary to other colors, and when used in conjunction with other colors, Black can have powerful effects. For example, the combination of Black and Yellow is often used as a signal of hazard or danger because it is highly visible in all light.

Black is also the color of style. Tuxedos, evening gowns and "black tie dinners" all feature Black as a staple of elegance and effortless beauty.


Black is the color of mystery and suspense because you don't always know what its motives are. It can be edgy and sleek or menacing and dark depending on how you manipulate its power.

Sexy or scary, Black can go either way.

Black is the color of the outlaw, the rebel and the vigilante. Black can be a friend or foe.

Batman epitomizes black because he is the "Dark Knight" - the hero who works in the shadows.

using black in brand development

A lot of companies use Black as a primary color in their brand and corporate identity. These are a few examples of brands that have used Black well.

Kate Spade - fashion brand

Kate Spade uses Black prominently in their corporate identity. This makes sense, since "spade" is synonymous with Black in playing cards suits. Beyond that, it is smart for Kate Spade to use Black in high fashion. Black can come off heavy or dense but in small servings, like it is used here, it is very effective.

You cannot talk about Black being the color of outlaws and badasses and not talk about Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Harleys are synonymous with freedom, power, and a nonconformist attitude. This ad showcases all of that in a quick 1-minute video. Notice the strong outlaw vibe in this ad and how much Black it contains! Powerful, enigmatic, dominant Black!

Caterpillar Manufacturing

Caterpillar is one of the leading manufacturing companies of mining and construction machinery. This is a great example of a company appropriately using Black and Yellow together in a high-constrast and caution sense. By marrying the Black and Yellow in their logo suggests that the company is perfectly attuned to the construction and mining industries.

Metallica and Heavy Metal Music. Black through and through!

For my last example, I wanted to use something a little different to talk about Black. Metallica is one of the most influential and iconic bands in the world. Furthermore, these guys are representative of a genre of music which considers itself Black as can be - heavy metal! There is nothing more Black than "metal." Embracing everything that Black is - dark, brooding, dominant, enigmatic, and super-powered - metal does Black really well.

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Michael McAteer


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