Gifted and Talented Your kids SAVANNAH gEry and Jada Barnes

What is it?

Means a child or youth who performs at a remarkable high level of accomplishment compared to peers who are the same age as them. They exhibit high performance capability in an intellectual, creative or artistic area, possesses an unusual capacity for leader ship or excels in a specific academic field. If a student is GT they catch on to certain subjects faster. They also can get fixated on a certain thing and won't be able to unfixate themselves from that thing.

How do gifted and talented students act?

Gifted and Talented students show they are ahead of their classmates in understanding concepts, solving problems, creativity, and above-grade-level academic strengths in one or more subjective subjects. Gifted students enjoy learning in any setting, have wild and highly imaginative ideas, enjoy the company of older students and adults, thrive on complex learning, and always want to learn more.

How can their teachers help them?

Their teacher can help by understanding their individual needs and the policies set in place by your state and school


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