Mistreatment of women By: Bryce Hilt, Brenton mcdonald, Cece jones

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Drawing mistreatment of female children: By Brenton Mcdonald.
  • Poems about women mistreatment: By Bryce Hilt
  • Poems about arranged marriage: By Cece Jones
  • Bibliography


Imagine if you were beaten raped and told what you can a cant do and who you have to marry. That's what women in the Middle East have to go through. They are also disrespected as kids as well. In the book "Broken Moon," the main character is not allowed to leave her house alone. She has a lot of other problems with abuse and women rights. The girls are raped and beaten. Also girls are forced into arranged marriages between the ages of 12- 18. The marriages usually last up to a week. Women have no rights in Middle East. The purpose of our magazine is to show how men have more right than men. The product featured in this magazine is poems about women miss treatment of the difference between men and women in the Middle East....

Brenton Mcdonald Artistic Product

I made a artistic picture made of sharpies, white paper, and different shades of pencil.

This describes how children especially teenage girls in the middle east getting raped, beaten and sold to another man and cycled all over again. These women and girls have no rights and are basically imprisoned by a man from they were born til they die. The drawing is a brick wall with graffiti stating “stop the violence now!” And under this wall is a pair of eyes of a girl behind a old dungeon cell.

Bryce hilt artistic product

The perspective of a woman

I was promised a good life

To be a good wife

I would be treated nicely

But now my skin hurts so bad it feels icy

I can't go outside by myself

When my husbands gone I sit here like a book on a shelf

I just want to escape this world

My husband is married to to so many other girls

I don't think it's fair

That I just have to sit here and stare

If I say something he like hey man that's not cool

He just will beat me like a fool. 12

The perspective of a man

I do what I want

When I want to

The American talk about there wife's

But man I've got two

Ok Maybe three or four

Yeah I'm like the male version of a whore

Now one of my daughter is about to get married

To some guy named Larry

I picked out myself

He's all about the wealth

He has so much money it's not funny

He also has like four honeys

He has so much money it's crazy

Can definitely tell he isn't lazy

He has like 12 kids

And you can bet The there all his. 16

The perspective of a woman who is has escaped

He stripped away my self-worth layer by layer

until there was nothing left of my personality

Yet I forgot about the girl I used to be

She lived inside my caged soul

waiting for the day I would set here free

Casting her light into my dark mind hoping that I would see

Flashes of a glimpse of possibility

I was never alone because she believed in me.

I knew myself not yesterday

But I know myself today

I love who I am inside of me

And there's a lot I need to say

I will never let another person bring me to my knees

Because I have chosen to grow and fly to find my destiny

I smile a different smile today

Then I have smiled in the past

Today it is a heartfelt smile

One I know will last

I will know longer have to hide

From what I want to be

Because I don't want to wear a disguise

And the me you see is me.

Cece artistic products


My name is Adena

I am adorned by many

I am getting married soon

I will be stuck

With a stranger forever

He paid my father for me

I'm worth £9635 to his family

I do not want to be with him

He is nice and very wealthy,

But I do not love him

The wedding will last a week

My first day is tomorrow

There will be lots of dancers

I will have many dresses,

Diamonds, and gold jewelry

But none of those can

Make me happy

My parents might help

Pay for this unwanted wedding

I wanted to marry

Joseph, not Dion

I feel miserable with Dion

He is no fun, very boring

But i have not choice

But to please my family


My name is Dion

I do not wish to get married yet

Especially not to her

She does not love me

I do not wish to hurt her

My parents want me to marry her

Because she's beautiful,

But I love Nadira

Tonight I will ask her

To run away with me

We could be away and happy

And Adena would be happy too

The wedding starts tomorrow

I will pack quickly and go get Nadira

My parents will be very disappointed in me,

But they do not own me anymore

I will be with the one that I love



Strangers, seven days

First day, unwanted wedding

I'm stuck forever


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