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Market-Ready Scripts and Series

LOGLINE: Bridgefield is a midwestern steel city that industry forgot. The story begins as the city is struggling through its darkest hour, just before the dawn of a social justice revolution. Brandywine Avenue takes viewers inside the nexus of this change—the city's Juvenile and Family Court Complex—as the fight to save Bridgefield unfolds, pitting power brokers against the new civic leaders rising from the ashes.
DEN OF LYONS: 60-minute Drama
After five years of working for an over-bearing boss, Dr. Matthew Lyons decides to break the leash to start his own animal hospital. With his recent diagnosis of mental illness, this may not be a good idea, but what the hell? Life is a long, twisted journey and if you only travel on the medicated days, you may never reach your destination.
THE RECYCLERS: 30 Minute Comedy
LOGLINE: At his former bosses funeral, a laid off factory worker realizes that burial caskets can be a significant economic resource. Especially those he could steal from the fresh graves of wealthy folks. Business booms after he convinces his business-savvy friend to join the startup, but when one of them intermingles their love and work lives, things just get weird.
LEMON GROVE: 60 Minute Drama
LOGLINE: Lemon Grove is prison rife with gang politics, staff corruption and flooded with drugs. But as an aging gang leader awakens to the inhumanity of the system, he starts planting seeds of reform.
LOGLINE: A reclusive artist finds a mitten that still contains a child's severed hand, sparking an obsession that begins a journey into her own lost childhood.
OK, You Two: 60-minute Dramedy
LOGLINE: As an acclaimed therapist, Betsy Deneuve helps couples pick up the pieces of their broken relationships. Her professional stature is also a terrific smokescreen for her own misadventures as a codependent, commitmentphobe sex addict.
RUE: Dramatic Feature
LOGLINE: Two Budapest sex workers find the glass ceiling of the adult entertainment industry and decide it's time for a life change, but they quickly learn that quitting the business is the easy part. Disentangling yourself from the relationships and lifestyles that come with it is another trick altogether.
BLACK STUMP HOLLOW: Dramatic Feature
LOGLINE: A rural doctor is called to served in WWII, leaving his country-wise son to assume the burdens of the family’s Appalachian homestead and confront a simmering conflict with a backwoods bootlegger.
UNWOKE: 60 Minute Drama
LOGLINE: When a petty dispute lands a sue-happy Beverly Hills attorney in civil court as a plaintiff, an activist judge forces his awakening by sentencing him to community service at a law center in South Central Los Angeles.
LOGLINE: Getting over your ex-girlfriend is hard enough without being targeted for a roofie-induced phishing attack.

Currently Being Drafted

Dark Nights: Dramatic Feature
LOGLINE: By day, Jered Bradford runs a successful Beverly Hills psychiatric practice, but by night he’s on the streets of Los Angeles looking for the son he failed as a father. Immersing himself in the city’s notorious Skid Row, Jered enlists the help of an unlikely band of street dwellers who may help him find not only his lost son, but also his life’s true purpose.
YAZOO: Comedy Feature
LOGLINE: Karla Ketchum is a NYC comedian on the rise when her mother suffers a stroke, forcing her to return to small-town Mississippi. The onslaught of closet skeletons is small potatoes compared with the real challenge Karla faces as she learns that coming out of the closet in Yazoo ain't no joke.
Tres Papas: Comedy Feature
LOGLINE: When one of LA’s most popular podcast hosts is framed for embezzlement, he and his homies have three days to prove his innocence, launching them on a round-the-clock odyssey.
REMISSION: Dramatic Feature
LOGLINE: While working to shutdown a massive drug operation, DEA Agent Ben Jameson comes face-to-face with his long-dead, identical twin brother. When he learns the reasons behind his brother’s criminal life, Ben is faced with a moral dilemma.
BURNING FISH: Feature Comedy
LOGLINE: A stalled 20-something sets off to Alaska for his great American adventure, only to have the crap beat out of him on a commercial salmon boat. He limps pennilessly back to the Lower 48 with the ghost of his sadistic captain nipping at his heels.

Concept & Outline

THE WAVE: 10 Episode Limited Series
LOGLINE: When an earthquake in the Canary Islands triggers a mega-tsunami that will barrel across the Atlantic and devastate The Bahamas in eight hours, 17-year-old Josh Perkins makes it his dying mission to protect his new girlfriend from the truth of what awaits them.
LOGLINE: A neurotic Coincidence Analyst falls in love with a woman outside of his conspiracy theorist community, just as he launches an investigation of a scandal that bilked consumers out of trillions of dollars: the industry-wide decision to recommend twice the amount of detergent necessary to do a load of laundry.
LOGLINE: When the patriarch of the Fagen family is moved into hospice care on his West Texas ranch, his four sons come home to assist him in his final chapter. There they come face to face with their own demons and the external forces that threaten their ranch and the way of life that made it.
LOGLINE: A small town in New England is possessed by the mysterious appearance of corpses high in the canopy of the lush forest that surrounds their bucolic community.
SQUATTING THE BU: 30 Minute Comedy
LOGLINE: A failed writer devises a plan to live off the Los Angeles entertainment class that has rejected him by squatting in high-end weekend homes of Hollywood Executives and denizens of the billionaire class.
PLANETARY: 60 Minute Drama
LOGLINE: Three neighboring planets are locked in a conflict over resources and technology, fueled by centuries of cultural prejudice. The system's innermost planet is facing a climate crisis and has become belligerent toward its neighbors, but when a rogue astronomer makes a discovery that could hold the key to their future, the tectonics of planetary politics begin to shift.
GOLD TRAIN: Dramatic Feature
LOGLINE: A school teacher joins a raiding party of the Hungarian Gold Train so that the works of his fallen lover aren’t lost to posterity after the Nazi’s plunder the art and material riches of the Budapest Jews at the end of World War II.

Status of the Works Listed:


Brandywine Avenue: Pilot + Bible

Den of Lyons: Pilot, Season 1, Bible

The Recyclers: Pilot + Bible

Lemon Grove: Pilot + Bible, shop-ready package

The Desert States of Ursala: Completed Feature

Unwoke: Completed Pilot

Rue: Completed Feature

OK, You Two: Competed Pilot

Black Stump Hollow: Completed Feature

Miss Taken Identity: Pilot + "Choose Your Own Adventure" Script Completed


Dark Nights (Dramatic Feature)

Yazoo (Comedy Feature)

Tres Papas (Comedy Feature)

Remission (Action Feature)

Exodus (Pilot)

Burning Fish (Dramady Feature)


The Great Detergent Conspiracy (Feature)

Squatting the Bu (Series)

Planetary (Series)

People of The Treetops (Feature)

Gold Train (Feature)


The Last Cowboy in Texas (Limited Series/Series)

The Wave (Limited Series

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