palenque ,mexico is a good part of mexico it's like living in the past history when the palace was still standing. This place is a really good park to be at so much happend here.

But the significance is that its still standing after many many years after every thing its been through it still stands at 500 - 700 ft. That is a huge palace to be in i wonder how many stories that is and how many kings lived in it.

If this beautiful palace was neglected and no-one protected it, it would have fallen and not one single person would have known about it but it still stands because it was protected. And everyone is going to know it still there.

You can visit by boat and get on the part of island surrounded by water it should be a beautiful place to visit and to discover the sweet history of it.I wanna protect that beautiful place because the history is so great not everyone is going to see it or know whats going on.

I think a lot of people should go and see ancient things that is famous for the location its a 500-700 ft. palace it is amazing to see it hopefully one day i get to visit it. It will blow your mind to see the height its amazing.

This is the most greatest ancient place in mexico its the best place to go if you ever do visit i hear its a great thing to see and explore palenque,mexico
For most people, the Maya and the Aztec are the best-known Mesoamerican cultures. The area occupied by the Maya included southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador. The ancient Maya city of Palenque was “discovered” by Europeans in the 1700s. For the next several centuries, European explorers would marvel at the city’s architecture, loot its art, and destroy many of its buildings. Many people were convinced that the city was too complex, too well-built to have been constructed by American Indians, so they assumed that it must have been built by Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, the Lost Tribes of Israel, Europeans, or others. In the twentieth century, some pseudo-scholars, whose works are still promoted by certain television networks, claimed that the builders must have been ancient aliens from distant planets who brought a now-forgotten technology to the Maya.

we should protect it because it is a real beautiful thing to have in mexico and where the aztects went to see the king or god of palenque after they hade fought.

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