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I'll admit. A boudoir session isn't cheap. Nor should it be. This is a transformative experience. You may walk into your shoot with sweaty palms + butterflies in your stomach, but you will walk out of it with an upgraded sense of self-worth and confidence. Beautiful you...version 2.0. You will feel like you are on a whole new level. You will ask yourself why you didn't do a session sooner. Maybe it was the finances?

I know that pricing and budget comes into play when you are deciding on what to buy and I don't want that to keep you from the investment of a lifetime. This is why I want to offer you some great interest free financing options to you.

Option #1: PayPal Credit

If you're interested in a payment plan to pay off your session, first you need to apply for PayPal credit. They offer no interest/minimum payments for 6 months. If you decide to bundle artwork with your session at booking, this means you will get your beautiful artwork within a few weeks of your ordering appointment as if you paid in full! See if you qualify below...it only take a few seconds!

PrePay + Slay

Option #2: Boudie Bank Account

Save up for your session using the Boudie Bank Account!

The Boudie Bank Account is a customizable automatic payment option for those of you who'd like to gradually save for your session beforehand.

When I did a survey with my Sister Squad ladies about what was holding them back from booking a boudoir session, one of the top answers was finances. I want to help eliminate that barrier by providing a PRE-payment plan so you will be able to same premium boudoir experience that may have once seemed out of reach!

  • Step One: Determine the amount you want to save up. We will chat at your initial phone consult about the different collections and product options available so you can decide on what amount is appropriate for your desired collection.
  • Step 2: Determine your deposit (Minimum $250). This part is up to you! There is a minimum $250 deposit required to start your Boudie Bank Account, but you can deposit as much as you want! Remember, the more you deposit up front, the smaller your payments will be. :)
  • Step 3: Customize your personal payment plan. Once you make your deposit, you'll have some options on how you'd like to pay your balance. Choose from monthly or bi-weekly payments, over a period of 3-8 months. This is an automatic payment system, which requires a primary and back up credit/debit card to be kept on file, with a signed contract, and payments are automatically charged on a recurring schedule. All payments are nonrefundable. No exceptions.
  • Step 4: Book your boudoir session and start planning! When you are 1 payment out from your last payment, you'll book your session (must book within 1 month of payment plan ending, dates are subject to availability). Everything will be paid for which means you can come to your session FREE from financial worry and totally enjoy yourself! If you chose to add on a product package, you will then come back to your ordering appointment, choose your favorite images and we'll place your order using the money stored in your Booty Bank Account!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is eligible? I would suggest the Boudie Bank Account to any client who does not have a particular occasion in mind for their session, based on the uncertainty of available dates to book your session when your payments are complete. Other than that, this option is available to anyone who wants to budget for their session!
  • How long can I pay into the Boudie Bank Account? You can make payments for up to 8 months! That gives you PLENTY of time to lose weight, find the perfect lingerie, or save enough money to buy the empowering experience you want to have!
  • Are payments refundable? Once payments have been made into the Boudie Bank Account they are nonrefundable. Think of it as a retirement account for your boudoir session! Once the money is secured, it’s off limits! This will give you the push you need to follow through with continuing to save for your session:) Isn’t that why you’re doing this anyway??
  • What are the benefits of the Boudie Bank Account? First of all, the Boudie Bank Account allows you to do something for yourself without a large up front cost (goodbye mama guilt!!!!) Secondly, you will be able to get the product(s) that you can’t live without (can you say 20x30 gorgeous canvas of yourself hanging over your bed??) AND let’s not forget that you’ll be able to book the session you’ve been dying to have, without the financial stress. And that is the BEST part!!
Ready to start saving? Let's set up your bank account so you can be financially worry free!
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