Mount Mazama Avery D. Thornton

Mount Mazama's explosion was so devastating that it literally blew the mountain into a crater lake. The explosion happened about 7,700 years ago. The place of witch the action occurred was southwest Oregon, south of a place called diamond lake. How and why did this Mountain, formally known as Mount Mazama erupt into what people now call crater lake?

First, why it occurred where it occurred. Why did this event occur in this place on the earth? Because, of the hot magma pocket underneath the surface. Are there other locations on earth can we expect similar events? Why? We can expect more explosions like this one at Yellowstone because of the hot magma pocket underneath the surface, and the heat is building up so one day…. BOOM!!!!!!! How do forces inside earth and on the surface build, destroy, and change earth's crust? The pocket volcano built up Mount Mazama so the volcano was tall as any other mountain, then exploded into a crater, therefore creating Crater Lake national park.

Crater Lake National Park has some of the clearest water in the world. Scientists drop a black and white disks called secchi disks and see how far they ca see it for. In the ocean they can see for about 50 feet, here they can see for about 150.

Next, the effect on the environment. What was the effect of this event on earth's surface? An inactive volcano crater with large lake in crater and small inactive volcano island. How does this event contribute to the continuous cycle of materials on earth? The volcano built itself up into a mountain ad exploded then built itself up again only to explode into a crater. If it had not become inactive than it would have repeated the cycle over and over and over and over and… you get it. Also, pumas was found.

The island in the middle is a smaller volcano known as wizard island

Last, the effect on the people. How does this event impact today's society? Cold water, national park, and a LOT of tourist visitors. What discoveries have been made to minimize the impact of the event? Volcano watchers. What scientific knowledge are scientists still studying today? Water clarity, age of rocks, and height of ridges.

an old tree found on crater lake

Mount Mazama was a huge catastrophic event, yet it makes great tourist visitation. This point proves that bad things can come up good after all. As nobody says, if taco cat comes into your life than you are awesome. That is how, why, and when Mount Mazama erupted.


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