Fannie Lou Hamer "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Fannie Lou Hamer was a civil rights leader. Her goal was to get voting rights for African Americans. She was also African American and knew the struggles.

Fannie Lou Hamer wanted voting rights for African Americans. She then got a voting privilege . A voting privilege is when african americans can vote in a time that they don't normaly. in 1962 joined the student nonviolent coordinating committee to help African Americans to get voting rights.

Fannie ran for senator to show that African Americans should be equal.

Fannie Lou Hamer wanted this because she knew what it was like to be African American. She was a sharecropper and was kicked off the farm because she had voting rights. a sharecropper is a black who works on a white farm and gets half the money, they would never get out of det because they would give you less then half and you would never know it. She knew what the everyday hardship of a African american.

Fannie Lou Hamer got 4.14 percent of African Americans to vote. then 300,000 people voted and 56% of them was African Americans. now today 100% of African Americans can vote.

Fannie was repeatedly shot at. She was also beaten with a metal sack. She was in jail for stepping in a white only restaurant.

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