Chariot Racing By: Cate Michaels

Chariots were first known to be gently used in 1200 BC.

Epic chariot race

Where were chariot races held???

Most Chariot races were held in the towns circus or theater. The arena was in an oval shape with a stone barrier through the middle called the Spina. On top of the Spina there were statues of roman gods along with an Egyptian obelisk [which looked like the Washington Monument.]

An arena

circus maximus???

Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus was one of the greatest and largest stadium of all. Not only was it the best but it was also the first.

LENGTH : 621m [2,037 ft]

WIDTH: 118m [387 ft]

It could hold up to 150,000 people and when it was fully developed it became a model for other stadiums. Circus Maximus was not only a chariot racing area but it also had gladiator fights. It is now a national park.

Chariot races were the most important events to take place in the circus.

What hapend during the chariot races???

The four color groups

Twelve four horse drawn chariots would be in a race at a time. Larger teams could have 6 to 10 horses but only for show not speed.

They would be put into groups called Auriga the color would be white, red, blue, or green.

Then chariot would be lined up behind the gates and then with one trumpets they would be off.

The riders would whip their horses to make them go faster.

They would try to stay as close to the spina as possible.

The races lasted at least 8 to 9 minutes each with 7 laps each.

how did the spina help???

A random labeled chart

The Spina had a way to show how many laps the racers had done. A big wooden egg would be removed from a column and a metal dolphin was turned over every time you made another lap.

how dangerous where the races???

An old chariot race painting

The races were very dangerous there were fairly and rules and the racers would ram into each other. When this occurred the chariots most likely flipped over or got damaged. the romans called it "naufragia" or shipwreck. So the driver/racer wore protective gear but most likely the driver would die if they got hit.


In the video they only show four chariots but in a real race there could be up to twelve.

this video was a model a real chariot race would be more epic!!!!

Thank You!!!!

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