Elsewhere Gabrielle Zevin

They are at sea on a boat and at Elsewhere. I imagine it as a quite dark small room with bunk beds with people I have never seen before sleeping right above me. It makes me feel scared and confused because Liz said that she was in a room she has never seen or been on before so I would be very confused and scared to wake up in that room.
Some of the specific locations so far are: at sea which is what the boat is traveling on and where the beginning part of the book takes place at, on a boat which they used to travel to Elsewhere, in a room which is where Liz wakes up in when she is on the boat, the dining room where she meets her friend Thandi and the famous band member Curtis Jet, and the observation deck which is the place that Liz spends most of her time at looking at her family.
I think this takes place at our time because they have modern day cars, T.V.'s and telephones. I imagine it to be like how we live.
There is a lot of water in the beginning of the book. I imagine it to be on a boat and you keep on staying on the water for a while until we get to Elsewhere.
This place is crowded with mostly old people and some young kids and adults. I imagine it to be a boat with many old people eating and playing games.
Some specific objects that help time stamp the story are: the beds help describe how Liz was in the dark mysterious room, binoculars help describe how Liz is able to see what's going on at Earth and what her friends and family are doing.
The mood is more of a happy mood because in the first part of the book it describes how all the old people are talking and having fun and how they are happy about aging backwards instead of getting older
The setting contributes to the story because if they were not at sea, Liz probably would've not have known that she had died and went to everland because she wouldn't have known she was on a boat sailing away.


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