Coliseum rome ,Italy A UNESCO WORLD HERItage site

The Colosseum is situated just east of the Roman Forum. Construction began under the emperor Vespasian in AD 72, and was completed in AD 80 under his successor and heir Titus. ... The Colosseum's original Latin name was Amphitheatrum Flavium, often anglicized as Flavian Amphitheater.

Colosseum is the popular name of the Flavian Amphitheater, located in Rome. Built in the 1st century by the emperors of the Flavia dynasty. In it gladiator fights were celebrated that could be seen by 50,000 spectators, which made it the largest amphitheater of Ancient Rome

To get to the roman coliseum can be in different ways if you travel from the ubited state you can go in aeroplano after car ,,, or go by car after by boat after by car

This joint ticket is absolutely the way to go if you do not select a tour. You may also buy a ticket near the Colosseum entrance but that line will always be long. Skip it and get it in advance or via Palatine Hill. Third, you can use your Roma Pass to visit the Roman Colosseum along with many other sites

Combate de Gladiadores

The Roman Coliseum was used for many years for these purposes, but with the passage of time several earthquakes destroyed part of its structure. There came a time when it was not rebuilt and was in a ruinous state. Many of the fallen stones were used for other buildings or stolen by looters.

Batalla naval en El Coliseo ; They also organized fights of wild animals (lions, panthers, elephants ...) brought from distant places, or forced the poor prisoners to face those fearsome beasts.

Of course, the main dish, as seen in the Roman movies, were gladiator fights. Most of the men were slaves and prisoners who were forced to train very hard and to handle different weapons like spears and swords.

Once prepared they were forced to fight between them. For a gladiator, to emerge victorious from such a tough confrontation was very important because he knew it was the only way to save his life and in addition, he could be rewarded with freedom. His only option was to give it all to the end.

The reason why people should know the Roman coliseum is to learn how they fought before as were the real fights and how bloody could be.

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