Photographic Art By: Jake Winsky

Make what you see more incredible than it was before

This set of photos are a display of the F-Stop levels for this small pot of the amount of light uses in the picture of it giving how much or how little light is used for the image.
This image is of a field that has a overlay of a black and white still of an old black and white still.
The original image for this is a mural for the senior class in the schools main hallway above the entrance. This was created by citing and coping the original image anf fliping them to fit back together again in reverse.
This image for texture is the overlapping boards of the side of a barn. Took this image to represent textue in the boards of the siding. I chose this time of day because it gave the best view and also gave great definition for the lines and rot.
This image was created with multiple shots as i had walked down the hall then paying with the opacity and fill to get the current image.

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