The life of shakespeare JUstin Grimball

Thesis:this reserch project is about the life of shakespeare

We know that several years later by 1592 Shakespeare had already became an actor and playwright by 1594 he was a charter member of the theatrical company called the London Chamberlain's Men which was later to because the kings men. this quote explains how Shakespeare beca this quote explains how Shakespeare became an actor and playwright. and it shows by 1594 he was a charter member of the theatrical company called the London chamberlain's.

"shakespeare’s parents belonged to what today would be called the middle class. John Shakespeare, William’s father, was a glove maker who owned a shop in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford is about 75 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of London in the county of Warwickshire. John Shakespeare was a respected man in the town and held several important positions in the local government." On Nov. 27, 1582, Shakespeare received a license to marry Anne Hathaway, the daughter of a local farmer. The two families knew each other, but the details of the relationship between William and Anne have been a source of speculation. At the age of 18, William was young to marry, while Anne at 26 was of normal marrying age. The marriage appears to have been hurried, and the birth of their first child, Susanna, in May 1583 came only six months after marriage. Some scholars have suggested that William may have been forced to marry Anne because she was pregnant. However, birth and marriage records indicate that many women in England at that time were already pregnant before they married, and so Shakespeare’s marriage was not unusual. Early in 1585, Anne gave birth to twins, Judith and Hamnet. The record of baptism marks the start of an important gap in the documentary evidence of Shakespeare’s life. (19


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