Ballroom Dancing club offers students the opportunity to learn how to dance with a partner. Saint George’s College hosts Dominican Convent High School once a week and students partner up to learn Latin and ballroom dances. For committed partners, there is the option to enter Dancesport competitions and progress through the different levels. This clubs provides wonderful opportunities, not only to learn dancing, but to interact and socialise with students from other schools


Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Euphonium, E flat Horn, Double bass, Cello, Violin, Piano/Keyboard, Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Electric Lead Guitar, Drums (African and Western)


Year outline

Term 1 • 3D modelling using AutoCAD and Blender Software

Term 2 • Creating animations using cartoon making software or Macromedia Flash Player

Term 3 • Basic programming using VB.net software • Creating games from scratch

The Saints Media Lab explores the craft of Digital Storytelling. Participants as media makers learn to use tools such as video, photographs, text and graphics for producing online and offline content. In addition this club generates, edits and posts content for the St George's website and social media. are tools used by the media makers.

Note: Students do not need to have their own camera to join the Club!

We cover any and all aspects of photography; from how cameras work to different photographic styles and techniques to photo editing. Open to any students who enjoy any style or aspect of photography. Club Members also have the opportunity to sign up for school photography duties, taking pictures at school functions and events as our “official school photographers”. These photos are potentially used by the school in the following ways: social media pages, Saints Weekly, marketing materials (posters and brochures), newspaper articles, The Chronicle. A great opportunity to build your photography portfolio and perhaps even get a few shots published! We hold regular themed competitions where Club Members anonymously submit photographs and vote for the best one. Top photos are published on the St. George’s social media pages as well as in the Saints Weekly. As we build our membership we hope to begin holding practical excursions for members and hosting exhibitions of our students’ work.

We discover how to MAKE great pictures, and not just TAKE them!


The Society aims to develop skills in its members which include critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and team work. These skills serve students well in school, in the workplace, in political life and in fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of democratic societies. The Debating Society is well known for its Annual Night of Debate which has hosted notable Guest Speakers. Those interested are required to write an application letter.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a society of young minds that meets to discuss and debate topics that affect the international body. It is an educational simulation of the United Nations in which members can learn about diplomacy and international relations. The Saint George’s MUN Society follows the same structure as all other MUN societies world-wide, being headed by the Secretary-General. The debates in MUN are solution-centered, as member countries work to respond to current global problems, while reflecting the philosophy and values of the country they represent. In this way MUN gives students practical and realistic experience in research, public speaking, debating, writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. Furthermore, Saint George’s MUN Society helps its members stay up to date with current affairs and real world problems relating to the environment, politics, war, gender, discrimination and health.

MUN is an interactive group, with Saint George’s MUN being a part of a larger international group of MUN societies. This gives members the opportunity to socialise with other schools and gain experience collaborating with a diverse range of people. Most students join MUN because the society brings them to the core of one of the most influential organisations in the world, the United Nations itself. Many United Nations delegates have a history with MUN including the former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

Orators’ Society is a public speaking forum primarily for Upper 6s and Lower 6s. It is run by the students according to a constitution. They meet every two weeks, in the evening. The aim is to provide a platform for young men to develop their oratory and interpersonal skills, as well as their overall confidence in formal settings. Meetings typically involve elements of impromptu speaking and prepared speeches on given topics. They are evaluated on their ability to present a coherent argument and respond spontaneously to questions and comments from the floor. Meetings are frequently held with like-minded societies and clubs from other schools.

"Manners maketh a man” and “Where leaders are made” are the two quotes on which the Toastmaster’s Society has been built on in recent years. The Society has a long standing history for grooming gentlemen of the highest calibre by only accepting the finest applicants after putting them through a rigorous interview process. By growing their speaking skills, confidence and etiquette and instilling in them a desire for excellence in everything they do, our members are well equipped to stand out in any setting. The Society is always a diverse, vibrant and intellectual group. For these reasons and the allure of the secrecy of the Society, the Toastmasters can stake a claim to being the top public speaking society at St George’s College.


Aids Awareness Clubs are a LIFELINE to all students! Our motto is THE LORD IS MY LIGHT AND STRENGTH. There are 3 clubs; Junior line, Middle line and Seniors. These meetings are designed to equip students with relevant information on Health, HIV and AIDS, Life skills, sex education and grooming. The club’s mission and mandate is reaching out to all students creating a platform for sharing information and supporting each other through collaboration and accompaniment. This is done through encouraging students to turn their challenges into stepping stones, empowering them with psycho-social life skills. Our main aim is to enable students to make informed decisions in daily life using participatory methodologies during meetings. All students are welcome. Our most sincere desire and goal is that; by the end of a student’s career at St Georges they would have visited or participated in any of the many activities set to educate and promote positive behaviours.

CLC and Crusaders – meet regularly in small groups to help each other know and follow Christ both personally and collectively in ordinary daily living and are formed in Ignatian spirituality

CLC and Crusaders – meet regularly in small groups to help each other know and follow Christ both personally and collectively in ordinary daily living and are formed in Ignatian spirituality

The motto of the club is “Service above self”. It is involved with two very important aspects. Firstly, the club members busy themselves with identifying opportunities for service around the community. By doing this they hope to make a difference in other people’s lives. Secondly, they give off their time and resources as a way of serving those in need of their charity. They offer their time by being present to the needy and allow themselves to be brothers/sisters with the people they serve. This promotes a genuine fraternity spirit. Interact Club also takes pride in donating clothing, food, stationery and other basic human necessities to children’s homes/orphanages or old people’s homes. In order to fully undertake this mission they occasionally fundraize by participating in different financial projects both at school and off campus. The club is an exciting platform of interaction among students of the College and those of other High Schools. To this end only A-Levels students have the privilege to join. The entire club is made up of St George’s College Gentlemen and Dominican Convent Ladies. Club meetings are held once in two weeks and on an alternating basis between the two schools. Almost all club activities are done when the two schools are together and this includes but is not limited to providing service to centers that club members report to once every two weeks. The Club is connected to the Rotary Club and occasionally has interaction with this mother body mainly at local level.

Together with the Envision Platform Members will do a 12 week leadership curriculum which is world class, unique, and implemented by a team of international experts from Zimbabwe, the region as well as support from the Presidential Precinct located at the University of Virginia. The facilitators come from various sectors - leadership coaches, authors, theatre, business, civil society, government and thought leaders. The Business Leadership Seminar, International Exchange Seminar and the Career Expo are some of the attractions of this programme. These will be done with other partner schools in Harare.

The theme is routed in Catholic Leadership and “Leading from the heart” ( N Mandela)

An elected group of students, one from each form, who meet to discuss student affairs and work with the College to improve relations and highlight student concerns


The club enjoys stimulating and informative presentations every by Club members on various topics such as Constellations, Black holes, Galaxies, Meteorites and Planets. In addition, some of the members attended the monthly public lectures held at the school by the ‘Astronomy Society’ in Harare. Join us in pursuing the mysteries of the universe and enrich your knowledge as we explore the infinite cosmos.

• Great opportunity to discover fascinating facts about the living world of the Bible. • Steadfast platform for deep experience of God. • Faith-based Interaction among club members & other schools. • Unique movies about the salvation story. • Answers to many age-old Biblical questions. • Thorough understanding and development of personal prayer life. • Lots more…………….. come and see.

The Electronics Club aims to stimulate interest in Science and Technology It mainly focusses on teaching members the basic knowledge on electronics, as well as teaching them how electronic gadgets operate, to troubleshoot and fix electrical appliances, as well as to impart knowledge on the role of electronics in everyday life. The club cuts across all ages, i.e., from F1 to U6. Exposure to the fundamentals of electronics at high school level can also help students decide which career path to take in the future.

The International and Cultural Affairs Society discusses and analyses issues pertaining to our world through presentations by members and guest speakers, stimulating discussions and interaction with other schools. The Society’s main aim is to build capable gentlemen who can be effective leaders in the future. This we do by engaging in various activities that enrich our members’ minds by means of investing in knowledge, on a vast array of international issues and cultural issues. If current affairs such as news events, business, sports and culture interests you, then this is the Society for you. Application letters to ICA President

The motto of the Club is derived from Carl Friedrich Gauss who rightly says that, "Mathematics is the queen of science, and arithmetic the queen of mathematics."

  • Our Slogan remains that: “Math is the only universal language”
  • Aim: St Georges Math Club aims to integrate all students with interest in mathematics. The club seeks to stimulate and develop students` mathematical interest and inspire all club members towards solving mathematical problems. The primary purpose of the club is to stimulate club members’ interests and generate confidence in the use of mathematics in problem solving and provision of solutions in real-life and academe. We argue that mathematics is an indispensable tool in training individual logical and critical thinking skills. Thinking in this context is seen as a tool for adapting ourselves to the physical and social environment. It is the manipulation of sensory inputs to reason out, judge and to solve problems and for value chain. Albert Einstein emphasized the importance of thinking when he said, “The whole of Science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking”. Rudd, Baker and Hoover (2000) describe critical thinking as a reasoned, purposive, and introspective approach to solving problems or addressing questions with incomplete evidence and information and for which an inconvertible solution is unlikely. They further argue that Critical thinking clarifies goals, examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluates evidence, accomplishes actions, and assesses conclusions. Thus Math Club enhances the aforesaid skills.
  • Objectives: The primary objectives of St Georges Math Club are as follows: i. To provide knowledge and understanding ii. To stimulate investigating patterns iii. To enhance communication in mathematics iv. To provide reflection in mathematics

The aim of the club is to create an interest and excitement in Science and Technology. Students design and program a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot to perform certain tasks and score points on a thematic playing surface. They create solutions to a problem, while being guided by the First Lego League (FLL) Core Values, which include working as a team, enthusiasm, sportsmanship, cooperation and having fun. Past competitions in which Club members have participated in are “Nature’s Fury”’, “World Class”, “Trash Trek” and “Animal Allies”. Themes change yearly. In each competition Teams are judged on three main sections which are the Robot game, a project and Teamwork. There is a joining fee of $20 and students will need to fund raise to enter competition.

Join the Quiz Club, improve your general knowledge and pit yourself against some of the best teams in Harare

We live in a country with abundant wildlife and with people who have expert knowledge of it. Join the Wildlife Club and learn from them about our wild animals and other aspects of nature. For anyone who is interested

Students should not make the mistake of thinking that this is an ‘extra English lesson’ club! Anyone who enjoys using the written word to express themselves in the form of prose( like short stories), or poetry, or even song lyrics will enjoy this club. There are no set assignments, or set topics – students write whatever they like ( obviously within reason, this is a school after all!) Members share their creative writing pieces and offer each other constructive criticism and tips and suggestions. In the second term, members are encouraged to submit their entries for the National Institute of Allied Arts Literary Festival, where they have achieved considerable success in recent years. They are also encouraged to enter other writing competitions, such as the national Cover to Cover competition. There are also light-hearted and fun writing games that are played when members are not busy with competition entries.

Form 1 & 2 students who are attending the educentre can consider this their club for the term


The Chinese Club’s main thrust is to teach the Chinese language (Mandarin), the most spoken language in the world. Learning the Chinese language will thus allow students to communicate with most of the world’s population, and be able to compete effectively in the business environment in the future. Knowing the Chinese language may be an edge when competing for a job, as the demand for business people who can communicate in Chinese is skyrocketing. Furthermore, by learning the language, students develop an appreciation for the Chinese culture and history.

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