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How do people adapt to living in a desert region? 4-11-17

A herder with his herd in the desert.

There are many different ways how people adapt to the desert. For example, some people will be nomadic herders. This way, they could shift agriculture, which would slow down desertification. But this means they will have to move around a lot. Other people will farm at an oasis. The people who grow cash crops, which are crops that make more money, will be able to feed their families because of the money they earn. Other people are subsistence farmers. They grow just enough to feed their own. The ways that you can adapt to the desert are actually quite plentiful, but you just have to know where to look. The ones stated here are only a small fraction of the ways.

What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations? 3-6-2017

Cooperation is key!

Within supranational cooperation, there are often centrifugal forces that divide nations. The western part of Europe is wealthier than the east part, so the EU attempts to even it out by spending large amounts of money on projects. The western part of Europe complains about so much of their money being spent outside their country. Sometimes when a country doesn’t agree with a decision made by the EU, the country decides to make a separate decision, and wants to keep their independence. This divides said country from the EU a bit, causing tension on the bond shared by the EU and the country. In order to join the EU, you have to give up some of your independence. The countries like keeping some of it, so this divides the EU. The EU is divided by many things, like culture, language, and desire for keeping their independence.

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why? 2-7-17

This guy is the king of Joeyland!

Constitutional monarchy is the most effective form of government. If the monarch maintains a good relationship with their citizens, then there won't be revolts or anything. If all goes awry, the citizens can force the monarch to stop. For example, they forced King John to make the Magna Carta. That means as long as the country has a constitution, then the government will be limited. Monarchs can be more responsible to make decisions, and a parliament can keep them in check, and they can’t abuse the rights of citizens because of the constitution. The government would be limited. It is better than dictatorship because the citizens would revolt, and is the best autocracy.

What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen. This guy spent his weekend doing community service.

A good citizen has certain rights and responsibilities. An example of a right is freedom of speech. A person would be able to say whatever they wanted, no matter what it was. An example of a responsibility is not abusing freedom of speech. They wouldn’t say something that would hurt someone else. Although the person doesn’t have to follow their responsibilities, citizens are expected to. To be a citizen, one would have to have a place to live, and would have to speak the language of their continent.

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