National Siblings Day?!? I'm such a blessed person! 💙

I am the oldest sister and as life passes by, I realize daily... how lucky am I?

We'll do this in families, it's easier that way. Our story's confusing, but that's quite okay! I have 11 siblings and am "claimed" by more, it gives my life meaning, I feel so adored. 😍

At first there were two... and she loved me so dear! My little sister, so sweet and sincere.

Jessica smiled all of the time, laughing and playing, partners in crime!

Jessica & Dale

Jess married Dale, her perfect guy... They're funny, outrageous and love bigger than life!

Christian & Dale ❤️

Not only that, they raise Jess' son, Dale's been a great Dad, second to none!

Christian & Santee
Ellen "Rose"

Next came my Rosie, named after our Grandma, ten years younger than me, I thought I was her Momma!

Jayro & Ellen

Ellen met Jayro, lightning bolts flew, then these crazy love birds had a girl and twins too! She's pretty, he's handy, both full of quick wit... Best thing of all, they're IN LOVE with their kids!

Patrice, Ian & Noah
Alfredo "Junior"

A.J. came next for my Mom & Step Dad, he's the calm, cool, favorite who makes us all look bad! Full time college, works part time too, still makes the family priority, phew! (I kid, I kid... maybe!)


Now there is Josh, the stud of this crew. Handsome, athletic, loyal through & through! High school for this one, friends & the gym, before we all knew it, this guy's a man!

Joshua & A.j.

These two brothers are tight, they're bonded, they care. My parents did amazing in raising men here! I love that they humor me, do silly things, taking such photos and play kid games! Such kindness, such love, they keep Mom alright, with her two boys, the world is so bright!

Josh, Jess, Chris, A.j., Ellen, Noah, Ian ❤️

Not all of us were in this photo that day, but just rest assured, our hearts beat together regardless, what may!

Here is where some people don't understand, families split up but life doesn't end. So Mom got remarried and I got the family above... Dad had more family too, which gives me more to love!

The path that leads to the sea, may take you on a journey to a whole other world!


This is my oldest, "youngest" brother! He just found our family after being told by his mother. 28 yrs we lived without knowing, now we have many years left of growing!


I've always known Jesse to be my "first" little brother. He's smart, hard working, loving & sweet. I've been crazy about him since they said, "Come meet..."


This guy here, his will has no limits. He claws, he digs, he fights 'til he gets it! Whatever his heart wants he will have, he never gives up, no matter how bad. He motivates me to give each day a try, if I'm down on the ground, he's why I don't cry.


Sammi's our dreamer, she loves everyone. She married Alex and now they're plus one.

Samantha & Alex
Janette Priscilla

Here is the youngest sister I have, she just turned 12! (Wow that was fast!) In my mind she's still 5, but I'm happy to know, she loves school and has places to go!

Samantha & Janette

Last but not least, the youngest of Dad's kids to round out the list! He could be my grandson... how crazy is that? It's crazy enough to let me know, I'll have siblings spread out over decades no matter how old I grow!

Until the day we can all be together, I get to see the smiles of my sisters & brothers living, laughing & loving...

My sister by declaration... 💞 No words needed, just 14 yrs of the love above!


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All of my siblings and their social media pages!!! Lol! Keep that (bleep) on lockdown or I steal it! Love you!

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