Felicia Miller

Nature on Display

The Florida Museum of Natural History offered many exhibits. My personal favorite was the butterfly exhibit, where I got to admire the butterflies in their natural habitat. The exhibit was so neat because it offered an informational part where you could read about the butterflies. They also offered an area where you go to walk around outdoors and encounter the experience of the butterflies. You were not supposed to mess with the butterflies but watch them. As we walked in, they began to release some butterflies into the outdoors. I decided to tag along and to listen to her presentation. The lady presented different types of butterflies, from the monarch butterfly to the moth. She explained how the bright yellow butterflies were dangerous if eaten. She also showed off the wonderful colors of the different butterflies. This was such a cool experience. If I went into nature, I would not have learned as much from a self tour. The bright and beautiful butterflies captured my attention and were quite fascinating to watch. I truly enjoyed going into a hands-on environment and learning about the different species of butterflies. I also really liked being able to see the butterflies in person and to watch them in their natural habitat.

Nature and Ethics

Leopold asks us to remember to admire the land and all that it has to offer. The frog exhibit was such a cool reminder of the slimy creatures that live among us. The frogs live so peacefully and reminded me of the quiet moments of my life. Although I do not get a lot of quiet time, it was nice to get a friendly reminder from nature. The museum offered a sense of relief from reality and a reminder of what a fun life consists of. The animals that were on display seemed to live worry-free. In order to live a peaceful life, we all need to take a break. I enjoyed the peace and quiet while visiting the museum. I was also amazed at how fascinating the animals were. The frog was so colorful and cute. He did not mind my presence although there was glass between us. He remained on the other side of the glass, even when I put my finger to the glass. As I walked away from the tank that held the cute frog, I watched as a smiling little boy approached the frog. He was so excited to see the frog up close and admire the pretty color. His reaction was the same as my own. The Florida Museum of Natural History truly allowed its visitors to connect to nature. Through the butterfly museum, we were able to encounter butterflies in their natural habitats. I even had a butterfly land on m backpack as I walked through the garden. I was truly inspired to admire the nature that surrounds us on a daily basis. I appreciate Leopold's imagination and thoughts about the nature in our lives.

Nature and The Human Spirit

For a moment, I questioned why I never go to museums. I realized that I never allow time in my schedule to experience art and all the wonderful things it has to offer. As I walked through the Florida Museum of Natural Art, I was reminded of the beauty of nature. Life is such a wonderful creation and if you never take the chance to look around, you may miss a ton. I was taken back to all of my childhood memories of experiencing the kid museums with all of the arts and crafts. I remember begging my mom to take me to the fun museums because I truly enjoyed them. As I grew older, I developed a taste for modern art and sculptures. I began to admire the creativity and the meaning behind the pictures. I used to see painting at face value but now I try to envision what the artist was thinking as they painted their artwork. Throughout the experience, I did not worry about the biology exam that I have coming up or the chemistry homework that I needed to do. I forgot about reality and expectations for a little while. It was very nice to have this mental break from school. I now understand why I need to take a break on the weekends to do something fun. The museum was such a fun experience and it allowed me to have a peaceful experience with a couple of friends. I understand that without art, my life would be colorless and boring. Art and museums offer relief and meaning of the natural world.

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