The First to Many Ends! Rita Leuck

It happens every year, the Senior Retreat! Sadly because of Covid-19 the retreat was moved to the spring instead of the fall. The seniors also were not able to spend the night, but they did spend 13 hours at the retreat center. This year the seniors went to camp Rivercrests.

Scavenger Hunt!

The first senior retreat started off with a scavenger hunt. They had to go outside with groups and look for things from heart shape rocks to birds standing still. The winners got a big bag of Candy to share!

Group Activities!

Group discussion was also a big part of this retreat. Girls made skits about their years at Mercy. The groups also talked about hardships that the members had to go through. Even though these groups were all divided by separate interests, everyone was able to go around and say something amazing that they were able to see in their classmates.

Lunch Time!

Lunch was a nice down time for girls to eat and talk to their friends. It was like having a grade school lunch again because the staff give students trays and them ask what they wanted to eat. It was nice how the staff was willing to help serve and prepare a meal for all the seniors!

“Silence has a mysterious calming affect, allowing your soul to be at peace with your thoughts.” - Anthony Douglas Williams

During the retreat the girls were given an hour and a half to go on a walk. This was a time for the girls to reflect and to have a little fun with each other.

“Journaling is a good way to help us to stop, take a step back and reflect on ourselves.”

During the retreat there were times to write in the packets given to the seniors at the begging of the retreat. There were things about what we wanted to keep with us and were able to write letters to our parents, about how we are grateful for them.

A little activity!

All the seniors had to bring a baby photo. Then put that photo on a piece of paper. All the seniors were given sticky notes. On the notes goes a nice little message for classmates.


During the retreat there were three speackers, one was Christine Gonderinger, another was Amanda Marcuccio, and finally Zoe Goodrich with her mother. They all talked about an experience in their life that could help others understand that they are not alone.

Dinner, be there or be square!

Dinner was also a very nice break. It was nice because the seniors did not have to worry about bringing a dinner and they did not have to pay for it out of pocket.

S’mores Anyone?
The teachers passed out marshmallows, chocolate, and gram crackers!

At the end of the retreat all the girls were able to come by a fire and roast marshmallows.

Seniors Around the Fire!

At the end of the day all the Seniors one by one, stood up and told the class about a cool memory they had at Mercy. Then the group was able to sing their class song.

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