Personal Narrative Sam Kelley

In the summer when I was 7 me and my brother Mike were playing outside. It was a nice warm summer day and were were playing basketball, wiffle ball and then we went to go on play on the swing set. When we were on the swing set he was helping me learn how to use the monkey bars because I had never used them before I only used the swings. He was telling me and showing me how to do different tricks like do a front flip or a back flip. When we were doing this he was helping me and were we doing back flips. After doing about 5-6 back flips we were going to go back inside to relax and do something else, then I said i'm going to do one more on my own so Mike said okay and he went back up and went inside.

Now it was my turn to do the flip by myself I fell and I broke both bones in my right arm. For some reason the way I fell or landed on my arm I didn't feel it, but when i looked at it I knew that there was something wrong. So I walked up from the backyard calm not really worrying about anything. When I came up my mom was sitting on the steps and she was on the phone and I walked up to her and said, “My arm looks weird” and then she freaked out. So she rushed me inside and put ice on it because they knew it was broken but they didn't want to tell me because I was already calm and would probably get upset and scared. After icing my arm for like 10 minutes we went to the hospital to get my arm checked out, but at this time I was still not feeling anything in my arm but I knew there was something wrong.

When we got to the doctors we went and and he looked at my arm and then I went to go get xrays and after waiting he told me that my arm was broken. This is when I cried because I didn't know what was happening and I got scared. But to help comfort me my brother had gotten me a stuffed animal lion this had helped calm me down because this was cool and nice. After they had taken the x rays and determined that my arm was broken I had got a cast on. After a while with the cast they took it off and everything was all set and my arm was back to normal. But I never went on or tried to do anything on the monkey bars again because I thought I was going to get hurt and was afraid to.

I was very lucky to not have felt the pain of breaking my arm because it would have hurt a lot and I would have been a lot more scared of playing on the monkey bars because I would have known how bad it hurt. After this whole incident I forgave my brother for not paying attention to me while I was playing. I also learned that doing somethings can be dangerous and you can get hurt for doing something that seems so innocent.

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