Southwestern Region 5B BY Elizabeth , Zaida , Iman

States/Locations: Arizona, California, colorado, nevada, new mexico, utah
Higher winter temperatures reach the low 40s , while the coastal and desert areas are much milder with Phoenix staying in the mid 60s during January and San Francisco in the mid 50s (warmer than New England)
Summers in the southwest region are hot and dry with the hottest temps heating up the deserts in California and Arizona , the pacific cools the air closer to the coast so summer temps remain comfortable in the mid 70s.hotter than new England
Spring and Fall : in the southwest region are mild in terms of temp, but the foliage and spring flowering that one sees in other areas of the countries does not exist in the same way since much of the flowering is year - round.
Precipitation levels: Rain is sparce, especially in summer. In the winter it occasionally snows, if cold enough.
how climate is tracked: they use tools like a climograph. they can look back at weather records to see how often droughts happen in a specific city or region. a rain gauge helps track how much rain we get but it isn't simple .
Temperature graph for february 2017
"Highs and lows" for this week
In the southwest region, there are occasional dust storms, possible tornadoes, and earthquakes, as almost all regions have, but not very likely to have water/snow related storms. Although, it's not uncommon to have freezes in winter or droughts.
"The Black sunday" was a famous and terrifying dust storm in texas. It occurred on April 14, 1935 in spearman, texas. (the image to the right is not the "black sunday"). The "Black sunday is also known as the "dust bowl".
While the southwestern region may seem like a foreboding and terrifyingly harsh environment, in reality it is just another region trying to survive mother nature.


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