My happy life home The library place

My happy life home have a library because I love to read. All the books are there. My library works with my thought so when I want to read a book, I say it to my brain and a keyboard will appear. I write the title of the book and I just need to send it. The informatic system search and he will give the book to me.
I have robots to bring the books in the library. They know the books I want because they read in my mind. They prints the books by themselves and go place in the shelve. When they placed on that, it mean that I need to read them. After I read, I can put on the left or right side
In my library, the books are in alphabectical order. The left side is where the books are very good and the right side is where the books that are not very good. The piece is big and colorful. The book print in color so the pages instead of being white can be turquoise or any color than white
My library will help the parents because the childrens will develops a good imagination after they read a lot of books and the childrens will be good in french.


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