Light Using a STEM based approach in the Montessori classroom

Introducing a new set of materials to implement physical science in the lower elementary classroom.

STEM - Light

This is an open ended project based, inquiry approach on the study of light and color.

Designed to keep Montessori updated with current educational implementation of science, technology, and engineering.

Current and relevant projects allow you to meet NGSS Standards

Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards

Understanding light behaviors and the sources of color

As with all of our modules in this series, it includes teacher's notes with introductory presentations and background information to give teachers the knowledge and confidence to present the materials and projects.

Included are explorations in the following areas:

  • NGSS and CC Standards
  • STEM and Montessori
  • Terms and Etymology for the Study of Light
  • Historical Figures
  • Properties of Light
  • Illumination
  • Translucence
  • I Spy
  • Light Communication
  • Light Spectrum
  • Mixing Pigments
  • Staned Glass
  • Mixing Pigment vs. Mixing Light
  • Optical Inversion
  • Why is the Sky Blue?
  • Sundials
  • Appendix
Beautifully designed experiment cards along with a complete teacher's manual make the implementation easy.

With an open ended inquiry approach the children are presented with opportunities to have in-depth conversations based on a spiraled set of explorations.

A STEM approach


Created with images by Mathew Schwartz - "Windmill in Korea" • Jason Blackeye - "untitled image" • carlswain - "waterfall blurred rainbow" • ZenJoe - "skateboard jump skateboarder" • lamdogjunkie - "Lights" • Josh Boot - "untitled image" • TheChristianAlert.org - "lights"

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