Help Us Feed the Horses in El Jorullo! A Fundraiser Among Friends

Meet Juan Caballos

Juan Caballos

For well over a decade, Juan Gómez Rocha, better known as ‘Juan Caballos,’ has been offering horseback-riding tours along the scenic Río Cuale in the El Jorullo municipality, near Puerto Vallarta. A member of a small horse cooperative, Juan and his peers have relied on word of mouth recommendations from past visitors while carefully maintaining a successful working relationship with a handful of concierges in the city. As such, he is sought after primarily by those looking for an authentic Mexican experience with a local cowboy.

This beautiful landscape is closer to Puerto Vallarta than you think!

When Covid Came…

Many locals know to plan ahead for lean Summer months as the warmer weather and threat of tropical storms tends to discourage some from visiting our destination. However, nothing could have prepared Juan and his peers for the pandemic. Tourism-related activities came to a dead stop. But most importantly, Juan and his peers suddenly found themselves unable to provide food and care for their own horses—their livelihood!

It costs approximately $5,000 MXN per month to feed the horses.
Getting up-close and personal with nature includes a refreshing river swim!

Here’s Where We Came In

As a group of concerned locals, we have known Juan and his team for many years. When news came to us that he was desperately trying to raise funds to feed his animals—or worse, having to sell them—we immediately offered to help raise $5,000 MXN per month during the summer months (June-September) to help him get past this challenging time.

Favorable word of mouth has resulted in priceless memories and lasting friendships!
We have successfully raised enough money to cover June and July, and are now in the process of raising money for the remaining two months.

That’s Where YOU Come in!

We sincerely hope that with a little bit of help, we can make a major difference in the lives of Juan and his peers!

Sometimes it is easy to forget that many people in Puerto Vallarta’s surrounding rural areas, including Juan, have no access to Internet or technology that would allow them to better promote themselves, their products and needs. We are hoping that you are able to make a small contribution to our fund so we can deliver on our $5,000 MXN/month promise for August and September!

Join Us And Meet Juan!

We are delivering monthly payments to Juan and his team the first Friday of every month at Moro Paraiso, a scenic outdoor restaurant located along the banks of the Río Cuale. Here is a chance to discover this wonderful area of Puerto Vallarta, enjoy a traditional Mexican restaurant experience, and meet Juan in person! If you’d like to join us or if you’d prefer making a donation in cash rather than through PayPal, please send us a message and we’ll provide you with details.

If you wish to book a horseback riding tour with Juan Caballos, please do so by contacting him directly at (322) 102-5293 or sending him a Whatsapp message.

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