10) China Report Itinerary

This was a fun project for me. I enjoyed learning it even though in my future career idea I won't be creating itineraries. It was fun to learn the facts about China that I learned. With all those facts I learned I created an extra detailed itinerary, even including screenshots of the restaurant menu. This report was to search for answers to questions that would be included in the itinerary. Information such as the US China Business council, where you can get an interpreter. There is information on the Jianguo Hotel in Beijing. Also, information on the Temple of Heaven which my 'boss' will be visiting with her partial host in China. The assignment was to have dinner at a place that was closed so I found a new restaurant that has rooftop views of the city and a beautiful outdoor space for a great photo opportunity, if it arises. You can even return home with $400 of duty free purchases.

Temple of Heaven

I learned all these good to know facts like never give a clock as a gift, which makes the receiver feel you are counting the seconds to their death. If giving flowers only give eight, which a lucky number. Never give 4, which is very close in their language to their word for death; si, with different pronunciations.

Jianguo Hotel, garden room

I learned that when formal dining to be sure to sample all the dishes, but do not clean your plate. That would show you are not generous to your host. Never, NEVER, place your chopsticks standing upright in your bowl. This symbolizes death. Do not place your bones in your bowl or elsewhere, use a tissue or your hand to place in the small plate provided. It is not uncommon for people to show up an hour before a meal.

Red is an important color in the Chinese culture

As you hand out business cards, handle them with both hands and receive one in the same way. Aol, make sure business cards are printed in English on one side and Chinese on the other, in the simplified characters. The Chinese business people prefer to be well informed of all details in advance of the meetings. They may wait until the last minute to confirm a meeting also. English is not spoken in business meetings. Hire an interpreter or request one is provided.

Chinese zen garden
Spirits can't follow over a crooked bridge

They use two different negotiating tricks that are designed to make you agre to concessions. One is to stage temper tantrums and a fake sense of urgency. The other is they will go above and beyond to save face. When they no longer want a part of the deal, they will become increasingly inflexible and hard-nosed, forcing you to break it off instead.

The Chinese don't like to be touched by strangers. Do not touch, hug, lock arms, back slap, or make any body contact! Never point with your fingers, use an open hand. Don't use a handkerchief and return it to your pocket. This is considered vulgar. Don't ever use your finger to beckon or call someone over. Use your hand, palm faced downward and move your fingers in a scratching motion.

My itinerary
Created By
Lisa Schwechel


Created with images by 4504097 - "building modern architecture modern" • Sam Howzit - "Temple of Heaven" • jcortell - "P1040927.JPG" • naidokdin - "door handle chinese" • Silentpilot - "china buddha statues religion" Google images, edited by me Itinerary is my own. **PLEASE DO NOT COPY

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