Presentation By : Hope Migwi

What if you woke up in a cabin, not knowing who you are , where you are and who is in that room with you. Then heard you were going to be killed.

" Take her out back and finish her off ."

Then know Karate and kill someone who you meant to hurt. Soon, drive away and met a security guard telling him what just happened to you. Then said he revived a call from a mental hospital saying your crazy.

Starving , you meet a worker at McDonald's willing to help you. Takes you to his place, letting you sleep there for the night. Helps change your identity to buy you enough time to find out who you are and what you used to do.

The next day, your driving to Portland, Oregon. While driving you hear the news saying both you, your brother and parents are missing. Then hear a family member talking on the the news saying your a good child and would never hurt anyone. Your new friend decides to call the family member, and tells her your story.

" Wilson High Presnts: Once Upon a Mattress."

This family member is your aunt, from your mom's side. She tells you that your parents are scientists and where working on a vaccine for Hantavirus. A disease from field mice droppings. But , the government has no idea what their doing or putting in the vaccine.

Then start remembering things that have happened in the past 8 weeks and 2 days. After your so called "Aunt Liz" , points a gun at Micheal Brenner , then you grab a knife and stab him in his arm. Aunt Liz is your parents boss , but was told by the CEO of Z- biotech to spy on you.

Then you and your new friend dressed up as a janitor. For the cooperation your parents work at Science Laboratory in Z- biotech. Searching for the Hantavirus Vaccine for her 3 year old brother Max, Nowell the CEO drains it down the sink.

Explosions burst. " Now the have to pay. "

3 months later, your family and new friend are at the construction site were your new family cabin is being built . That new friend and you are in love and kiss !!!!!

THE END!!!!!

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Hope M

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