Andrew Carnegie Captain of industry

Andrew Carnegie was a captain of industry in the 1800's. He was a person who made billions off of the steel industry. He was smart and knew that the ever growing railroads needed steel to lay tracks, and he struck a deal to profit off of all the railroads being laid.

Carnegie's factories were built to produce the most steel the fastest. Using the Bessemer Process, the steel is produced faster than all competitors, sold at lower prices, and Carnegie makes more money than anyone in the world.
Carnegie used his money to give back to his community, as well as his family. He moved to America from Scotland, and his castle there was able to provide for his family, friends and all in need by donating a lot of his money to good, unlike most rich people at the time.
Andrew Carnegie was in a working class family as a child. He worked in cotton and textile mills as a child from as young as 13 years old. He worked hard for his money and took many risks including borrowing a lot of money to achieve his goals.
Carnegie is still giving back to the community today through his donations to the city of Pittsburgh. He gave a library, music hall library, and even a college to the city. His charity gave $118 million to the community last year alone. Carnegie wanted to give back to the community who had to work hard for long hours like he did, so he and his charity gave scholarships and donations to these people to help them get out of the lower class life. Carnegie was an excellent businessman and an even better person who felt like he should give back to the community of working class people he knew all too well.

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