Help Animals Animals all over the world are getting hurt help them please!

Many animals including dogs and cats and more animals are getting hurt but not only on their self but also in their heart. More then one thousand animals are dying in this world. Why? Well that is a great question. Animals are dying in this world because they are getting hurt. Hurt as abused hurt in their heart because they think they are going to have a great owner and they are going to love them and play. But then they just get thrown away abandoned everywhere. You need to help them. Please!

Abandoned animal.

If you look above you see an abandoned animal. Well if you look closely you can see how dirty he/she is. All though you can't see where she is going obviously because that animal has no where to go we need to help them we need to help them get food. We need to help them have warmth. We need to help them have someone to play with have someone to love and have someone to give the puppy face to. We are lucky that us as humans have everything. But they are lucky that they have rescuers and they have vets to help them get clean and get checked on time to time.

Animals playing happily!

If you look above you can see animals playing well these animals are playing some other animals are just waiting for someone to take care of them and waiting for someone to feed them. Also some one to love and someone to have fun with. Don't you want have another family member, don't you want to have someone to cuddle with. Have another sister, brother or anything you can help them and be kind to the animal to pet the animal and to help it trust people help it feel comfortable and to help it be itself again.

Help your animal smile again



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