Tour of the Harn Museum By Jeremy joseph

Technique of the Artist

Road Worker by Diego Rivera in 1945 (Mexican)

This painting is a very simple one as it was created with charcoal on rice paper. Hearing about it and seeing a picture on the internet makes the piece of art look childish and easy to replicate, however, when you see it in person you can tell it is not. The artist used a sketching technique to make the artwork seem as if it has not been completed or cleaned up. It was powerful, not only because of its appearance but because of its meaning. This artwork portrayed the hardships of minorities that took place years ago. It made me feel grateful for my parents and ancestors who struggled through these hardships to give me a better life.

Design of the Museum

INTRA-ACTION - Women Artists from the Harn Museum

My favorite exhibit in the Harn Museum was the one that discussed the issue of gender inequality. This wing was special to me, not because the beauty of the art, but because the factual content that was apart of the art. It was so spacious and informative especially about the Guerilla Girls Movement. I had no idea that women only earned 2/3 of what men did and that women artists earned 1/3 of what men artists did. This exhibit not only addressed feminism but also racism. It made me feel like I can improve the way I treat people because regardless of race or gender, everybody is equal and capable of amazing things.

Art and Core Values

Archangel Raphael by George T. Lopez in the mid-20th century

Religion has been a very big part of my life. Being Catholic and keeping God close to me allowed me to achieve what I have so far. I believe nothing in my life could be done with the help and guidance from God. In this sculpture, the angel is holding a cross and a fish. Raphael is the patron of the blind, happy meetings, nurses, physicians, and travelers. This piece of art makes me feel safe and strengthens my faith in my religion.

Art and the Good Life

Family by Agustin Cardenas in 1991

This artwork shows a picture of what I believe is a necessity to achieve a good life. This necessity is family, otherwise known as the people who raise, care, and shape you throughout life. The theme of family exhibits love, comfort, and joy. The child In the middle would not be supported if it weren't for his parents on either side of it. It adds to my understanding of the theme because my family are my best friends. It consists of the people I can not live without. A good life is possible with the guidance and love of the people you care most about.

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