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About The Article

When This Article Was Written: 12/6/16 at 11:04 AM

Author Of This Article: Davey Alba

Title Of The Article: Only Amazon Could Make A Checkout-Free Grocery Store A Reality

What Is This About?

This is about Amazon and their upcoming grocery store Amazon Go.

Where Is Amazon Go?

There currently only one Amazon Go– in Seattle. It's a store only available for Amazon employees in beta.

When Is The Launch Date For Amazon Go?

Amazon Go is going to be available to the public early 2017.

What's So Special About Amazon Go?

Amazon Go is set to be the first checkout-free grocery store. All you need is the Amazon Go app. The "Just Walk Out Shopping" technology will do it all for you.

Why Is This Important And How Will It Affect People?

Amazon Go is important because it could possibly be a breakthrough in technology. Also, it will affect people because consumers will not have to stand in lines, saving them a lot of precious time. On the down side, Amazon Go could cause people to lose jobs because if all goes well, other big grocery stores like Safeway will copy Amazon, and cashiers will lose their jobs.

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