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4/11/17: Taken at UF North Lawn

The UF North Lawn is a perfect example of a public space. The site stimulates the idea of "walkability" in which by creating a site that has a purpose, makes the citizen feels safe, and for the walk to be comfortable, students are then encouraged to walk from place to place. The North Lawn connects UF's major hotspots: Turlington, the Reitz Union, and the HUB. It's location is strategic to the overall success of the campus.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. North Lawn. 2017

1/20/17: Taken at Cornell University, Libe Slope

Libe Slope is located in the center of campus at Cornell University. Although it may not look like it in the picture, the slope is extremely steep and very inconvenient to students. It is a beautiful area that perfectly depicts the environmental aspects of upstate New York. It has an environmental appeal but it is not convenient to students.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. Cornell University. 2017

3/21/17: Taken at UF behind McCarty Hall

Around the UF campus there are many small bodies of water that make the citizen remember that we are located in the swamp. This area connects the natural environment with the built environment. Located around this pond/lake are many benches that are embedded in nature creating a safe and comfortable environment for the students.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. McCarty Hall. 2017

1/25/17: Taken on NW 3rd Ave, Gainesville FL

One of the major issues that Gainesville faces is parking. This picture perfectly shows this issue in full effect. Although not pictured, to the right of this picture were 6 other cars that were parked on the grass. This is a residential piece of land that has become a place for cars to be parked rather than a living space.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. Gainesville. 2017

2/15/17: Taken on Sorority Row

This photo was taken in the center of sorority row, south of East Panhellenic Drive. This shows a sewage/rain water runoff system that cuts through the street. Across the street to the right of the picture is a small pond that runs underneath the street and through this small system. Recently, this area has been under construction to widen the runoff system to accommodate for more water. This area is not very pleasing to the eye because it is usually filled with mud and/or trash but it does get the job done. During storms there is usually a fast current and otherwise it is rather slow or not moving.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. Sorority Row. 2017

2/15/17: Taken on Sorority Row

This photo was taken directly between Phi Mu Sorority and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. This is a path that cuts directly through sorority row making walks to campus shorter. The sad fact is that the path stops about halfway through the houses and forces the pedestrian to walk on uneven ground with branches and roots jutting out into it. This walk is an uncomfortable walk and does not achieve the goal of walkability.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. Sorority Row. 2017

1/25/17: Taken on the corner of NW 3rd Ave and NW 9th St.

All along NW 3rd Ave in Gainesville were a mix of residential homes and empty plots of land. This represents a poor use of urban planning considering Gainesville is a relatively congested area. NW 3rd Ave is in close proximity to the center of Gainesville, it's between Downtown Gainesville and UF campus, and it should have better control over its land uses.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. NW 3rd Ave. 2017

3/8/17: Taken at Depot Park

One thing that the city of Gainesville is extremely successful at is bike racks. Bikes are one of the main travel uses in Gainesville and throughout UF campus and Gainesville there are always locations to park a bike. This image was taken at Depot Park which is a public space used for recreation.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. Depot Park. 2017

3/8/17: Taken at Depot Park

Depot park is one of Gainesville most successful examples of good urban planning. Depot Park is a repurposed rail yard that has become a recreational public space for Gainesville's citizens. It is a brownfield site that combines recycled materials, natural and native species, and got rid of the site's past contaminations. Also located on the site is a stormwater treatment pond that collects water from all over downtown Gainesville.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. Depot Park. 2017

4/14/17: Taken at Santa Fe College Blount Center

This public street is located on NW 6th ave near downtown Gainesville. It's location has a highly concentrated population. The bike/walk path located in front of the building helps promote walkability when leaving and entering downtown Gainesville. I remember learning on the walking tour that this was converted from a railroad and is now a path in place of the rail line.

Photograph by Jessica Wasser. Santa Fe College. 2017

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