Tanner McCracken AuyUittuq National Park of Canada

Day 1 Got up and had eggs, pancakes, and French toast. Then we got ready for the day. Then me and my family drove down to the path to get on to the hiking path. We drove about 15 minutes then all of a sudden a moose came out of know where and we hit a moose.😭


My mom starting crying because we hit a moose, my dad called animal control to come pick it up. They finally came and picked it up, and we where back on the road. We arrived at the path in about 45 minutes because of the delay. We hiked for about 2 hours because we all had so much energy, and it was fun.


Day 2: We woke up the next morning felling sore from the hike but other wise we all felt good. My dad made bacon, eggs and sausage for breakfast🥓😋.

So today my family and I decided to go swimming in a lake and then go out to eat for lunch. We ended up at a resort swimming which was just as fun because the had slides and diving boards. I went off the high dive a few times because I love hights especially going into a pool.

When we went out to lunch I got a sandwich my brother got a hot dog like always and my sister had a burger. And I forget what my parents had because I don't focus on what people get to eat. Then we went home and just hang out for the rest of the day.

Day 3: We went out for breakfast that morning because it was our last day there. We decided to go fishing that day because Canada is a great place for fishing. We arrived at the lake or pond thing it was huge. My dad has good fishing experience here because he has been here before with his dad. I'm pretty good at fishing because I go with my grandpa a lot and he is a hunter and a fisher. My dad caught a lot of fish he caught a 8 inch bass I caught a 6 inch trout. My sister didn't even know what to do. And my brother caught a mino. My brother was really depressed, my mom caught some little game like a 34 inch fresh water shark.



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