Samurai By Neona suthanurak

The Rise of a Military Society

  • The shoguns, daimyos, and samurias rose to power to form a military society

The shogun: shogun actually translates to " supreme commander of the army. " He ruled on the emporers ( who had little real power ) behalf and was the most important daimyo.

The daimyo: these were rich Japanese men who had land to spare. So they put that land to use. He hired his own private army called samurai to protect him in exchange for land.

The samurai: they were a private trained army of warriors who protected the daimyo in return for land or estates. They were completely loyal to the daimyo and if his master died in a fight, he would perform a ritual suicide so his family would have honor.

Samurai weapons, armour, and fighting

  • The samurai were trained to fight without a sword ( martial arts ) and to shoot an arrow from the back of a horse.
  • They had to study poetry and literature while practicing how to wield their sword correctly. They also had to follow and study Zen Buddhism.

Samurai training and the warrior code ( Bushido and other values )

  • Bushido = the way of the warrior
  • Seven official virtues of Buddhism: courage, respect, nevolence , righteousness, honesty, honor, and loyalty.
  • Two unofficial virtues: piety and care for the elderly

Training in writing, literature, and tea ceremonies

  • Studied calligraphy and poetry
  • The tea ceremony helped build alliances with other samurai
  • Tea ceremony values the spirit of reverence, harmony, and calmness

Spiritual training

  • Amida Buddhism = pure land Buddhism
  • In Amida Buddhism you get reborn into paradise
  • Zen = meditation

Women in samurai society

  • The women in a samurai family had to study weapons and fighting to protect their family when their husbands were away fighting
  • In the 12th century, women could actually inherit and own their own property
  • They could manage the land themselves
  • In the 17th century, women rights declined a lot and were back to obeying their husbands without complaint and any rights at all.

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