The 23rd amendment allows for people in Washington D.C. to vote for representatives in the electoral college because it is not a state they weren't able to do this before. Currently Washington D.C. is allowed to send a delegate to congress but he is only allowed to speak and not vote at all. Which was decided in the 23rd amendment.

The 23rd amendment was ratified on the date March 28, 1961. Obviously an important date for the voters in D.C.

What was going on during this time?

  • Kennedy becomes president in 1960
  • 1961- the Berlin Wall was created
  • 1961- The civil rights movement and specifically the freedom riders
  • 1961- the first men in space
Yuri Gagarin first man in space

Who wanted it and why they wanted it?

The residents of the District of Columbia wanted the 23rd amendment because they felt as if they didn't have a say in important matters like voting for president.

Who opposed?

Arkansas was the only state to officially reject it, but many states in the south did not vote because they thought it would advance civil rights for Americans.

What do we have to do?

We really don't have to do anything but not oppose the representatives of D.C.

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