"people strive for liberty" A theme by Robert Smith

Real World Examples

Citizens of North Korea are required to bow down to the statues all the time and must bow the right way, otherwise severe punishments may be possible.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

This relates to the theme, as people in North Korea do not enjoy any liberty what so ever. For this reason, in North Korea, people's lives are monitored strictly and life in North Korea is a very harsh reality in spite of state propaganda trying to sugar coat their violations. People who have limited to no liberty do not have control of their life what so ever. People can't dream or strive for civil rights and are very isolated from those who do strive for liberty and justice. These people have a much harder time seeing the other side as their lives are very closely monitored by the government, any attempts at looking for freedom by trying to escape the authoritarian nation could be killed and or tortured. In conclusion from this example, people in this country can't think freely, limiting their options for what they want to do in life.

The United States of America "Give Me Liberty or give me death"

This speech depicts that all American's liberties and rights should be protected under the constitution no matter the demographics of individuals. What stood out was when Kennedy said that "every American ought to have the right to be treated, as one would wish their children were treated." (Kennedy) This stood out to me because every man should be treated well and be able to enjoy enough liberty to control his or her destiny. Also "We face, therefore, a moral crisis as a country and as a people. It cannot be met by repressive police action. It cannot be left to increased demonstrations in the streets. It cannot be quieted by token moves or talk." (Kennedy). stood out to me because in a democracy whenever a crisis occurs, repressive police action and media censorship will only take away one's moral rights instead of solving the crisis.

"In the basement, 33 Himmel street, Max Vandenberg could feel the fists of the entire nation. One by one, they climbed onto the ring and beat him down." (Zusak) (38.112).

Max Vandenberg was a Jew in Nazi Germany in the book thief. He was trapped in the basement of Liesel, the main character's home. Max Vandenberg is starving as he is trying to show resistance to Hitler with the help of the book thief. This applies to theme, as Max had all of his rights taken away in Nazi Germany, thus, he can't live the life that he wishes. Instead, he is forced into his basement to avoid being captured and exported to a concentration camp.

Theme Number 2 "Ignorance is Bliss"

Many people choose to ignore many of the issues that go on around the world that could affect them at some point in their lives.

In this Ted Talk, Ken Robison talks about how schools are not properly educating their students and how schools are working against mistakes. Even though mistakes are meant to be made in order to achieve success and creativity. One part of this ted talk that stood out to me was when Ken Robison mentioned that __"What we know now is that if you are not prepared to be wrong, you will lose creativity, or that kids have become so frightened from mistakes, that they lose this capacity when they grow up, so they run their businesses like this."__ (Ken Robinson). This relates to theme, as without the idea that only success can achieve through failure is often demonized in schools. Thus, students get very afraid of making mistakes, and this can affect them their whole lives, though most schools ignore this and go on with the program. If only schools were more aware of this issue.

"Today is the day... Today is the day that we end the disease that has been spreading for 20 years or more," "He was performing what was called a Schreierie. --Warning the crowd to be watchful and vigilant about their enemies" "Superior race?" (Zusak 101) (Book Thief).

While the Germans where attending the bonfire on Hitler's birthday, burning Jewish propaganda and books in order to demonize the Jews as if they are a disease to German people. This relates to theme, as the people in Nazi Germany were brainwashed to believe that jews were the bad guys to the "Superior Race". Meanwhile, Hitler's regime kept sending Jews or anyone deemed "politically unreliable" to concentration camps. People are not aware of the truth, and instead, are to believe that they should have no rights or die. Even though the Jews were suffering, and people were very supportive of the Fuhrer, even though he continues to violate human rights, the Germans are usually not aware, even if they are, they think that the Jews deserve the treatment and never question his actions.

Theme number 3, "authoritarianism is never right."

Authoritarianism has failed on several occasions, may people have died under authoritarianism, while the country has suffered economically or politically!
"Did they deserve any better, these people? Did they all deserve to die? The children?" --suzak, p. 375
While death is observing the brutal things going on in Nazi Germany, an authoritarian regime. He points out that many people there are suffering, from children, to the oppressed. Guards and soldiers are ordered to kill these people without question.

The article titled "Why Has Communism Failed?" by Ileana Johnson lists out many reasons why Communism, a once popular authoritarian form of government, has failed. From economic reasons, to the millions of deaths from oppression, famine, or wars from these regimes. As well with the addition of the lack of justices in these nations, which involve police bias and bias towards certain groups of people. Authoritarianism has killed many people, and has never been proven to be beneficial, with the exception of the dictator himself.

Summative Theme "People Strive For Liberty"

This is a photo of myself standing outside of the property I own, which is a basic right. I am posing the way I want to without anyone else telling me what to do.


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