From concept to delivery.

Full-stack graphic designer and skilled illustrator with talent, passion and leadership.

Born into a family with a strong inclination towards the arts, I developed a flair for creativity from an early age. I was still in high school when I discovered a passion for graphic design, cinema and photography and I was not even sixteen when I began training as a photographer’s assistant. The experience gave me a great initial insight into the world of advertising and I began to create layouts and illustrations for various communication agencies. In the meantime, I continued my studies and a few years later I graduated in Set Design from the Academy of Fine Arts. My desire to explore the endless possibilities offered by graphic design programs like Painter, Illustrator and Photoshop has inspired me to experiment and grow as a graphic designer, never forgetting my early passion for free-hand drawing. Working for leading Italian, European, American and Japanese companies, I have been given the chance to advance professionally and to switch from creating illustrations to storyboarding, concept designing, toy designing, brand designing, UI designing, art direction and creative direction. I’m ambitious, determined and flexible, always eager to learn, unafraid to offer and receive suggestions. These traits drive me through a constant self-discovery, in search of new forms of creative expression. Always.

Storyboarding and Direction.

A few things I strive for: big ideas, good teamwork, exciting challenges. Action!

Nowadays, giving shape to ideas and translating them into images has become increasingly important. Videos represent one of the most appreciated forms of creative expression. Having good visual skills, experience in directing videos, camera movement knowledge and production techniques is a crucial added value. Once the concept has taken shape, the ability to coordinate people and tools through an accurate preproduction phase is essential. Transversal thinking is a key factor to obtain fast and effective results.

Characther Design

The fun start with a pencil.

Toy Design

Projects, ideas, new products

Numerous are the games in the Clementoni catalogue and it is amazing to see how they leave the flat dimension of a sheet of paper to acquire the dimension of an object. Telephones, clocks, electronic consoles and plastic toys take shape through the designer’s creativity, who is supposed to take into consideration the company values and needs. This implies carrying out thorough analyses and preparatory studies to solve the problems that may arise in the process. The toy designer is expected to follow current trends and to create an object that can catch the consumers’eye, whether it’s a licensed toy or not.

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