Hippopotamus are going to get extict because the people want their ivory. Also people need to stop Litter Because hippopotamus eat our litter and die because the chemicals are bad in the litter Hippopotamuses get killed so people get their meat.
Hippopotamuses live in rivers and lakes. They are common in Africa. There are are two different types of hippopotamuses. The common ones are in the Eastern of Africa. They are more aggressive. They live in clean water.
Pygmy Hippoes live in the swamp lands. They are mostly found in the west side of Africa. Pygmy hippoes are extremely powerful and will do anything to protect its territory.
People take hippopotamuses to the zoo and people litter then they die. There have been illegal hunting and poaching in Africa for hippopotamuses. People are taking over hippopotamus habitats by killing them.
They need deep bodies of water and tons of green vegetation for them to eat on.They will not share their environment with others. That means the larger animals will kill the hippopotamuses.

The sites I used are, hippoworlds.com


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