Adobe Illustrator Andrew O'Brien

For this project, I used the tutorial to make the cup. Then, I used the pen tool to create the coffee cup on the label and the steam of the coffee. I used the rectangle tool and ellipse tool to create the border, then I used the gradient to the cup.
For the front and back of the bill, I used the pen tool to create the mountains, American flag, and the White House. I used the pad with the pen to write the motto in Latin. I used the gradient tool to show the color of the bill.
For this project, I created the Mac Finder logo by using the pen tool, rectangle tool, and the gradient tool. Changing the layers and applying different colors created the diverse shades of blue as the color. I also used the ellipse the create the arc on the logo.
For this name tracing project, I created the blue background, then used the pad and the pen to write my name in a creative font. I used the pen tool for this, curving and making 3-D letters. After I changed the font color to white, I aligned the letters too be even across the display.

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