things you need to know about Titanfall 2 By Andrew straley

1:know the play style

Titanfall is a first person shooter that moves at an extremely fast passed game that involves both pilot/infantry combat and Titan/ mech combat. As a pilot you fight by running on walls and doing a lot of par core movements. You fight as a pilot until you have earned 100% on the Titan cool down in order to call down you mech and make havoc on the enemy. But you are not the only pilot in the game, there are pilots on both sides and all of them may have different skill now there are many variables that come in when you play this game. For example where and when to attack or even when it would be the right time to call in your titan. You will learn your own play style over time as you play the game and create a full understanding of all it mechanics.

2: learn the parkour mechanic

wall running is the number one most important thing you must learn how to use in order to be a successful pilot in Titanfall 2. If you don't you will realize that you are at the bottom of the scoreboard after each game. This is because the other pilots who you are fighting right now are wall running and are outmaneuvering you. wall running is by far the best and fastest to maneuver about the the map. it does take a little practice but that why Resawn created a tutorial level within their campaign. And once you understand this part of the game you will understand that the games will end up a lot more in you favor when you play multiplayer. So just practice practice practice

3.choose your pilot tactical ability

There are a total of 7 tactical abilities to choose from in multiplayer. theres pulse blade,the orange Icon above, which allows you to through a knife that has a pulse effect and you can see the movements of the enemy around you even through walls.there is cloak which is the pink/red icon above, Which allows you to go invisible. However it is better used against titans rather than pilots because the pilots can still see you a lot of the time. The next pilot is grapple which is the light blue Icon above. The grapple is a pilot that can shoot a grapple to get to higher places faster or to basically do spiderman stuff. Next we have stim which is the lighter green icon above which allows you to gain speed very quickly and heal quickly. next is particle wall which allows the plot to put up a defensive shield that blocks enemy bullets but allows the particle pilots bullets go through. next is phase which is a good ability for the use of getting out of very hairy situation. while you are in phase mode you cannot take any damage form anything but it dose not las long so you better you get somewhere same before that happens. Now the final pilot tactical is called holo pilot. Holo pilot allows you to send a hologram which mimics the actions of the pilot before deployment. It is really good at deceiving the enemy because they don't know which pilot to shoot at. Now depending on your play style one of these pilots could be for you so test them all out and see which one your the best with.

4:choose your Titan

Knowing the titans in this game is the next thing you will need to know in Titanfall. And again the titan you choose Titan based off of your play style. I will only go through the three starter titans in this game as for the other I want you to learn them on your own.


Ion is the one of the first titans you will earn as you play Titanfall 2. She is a titan that can most relate to the atlas if you played the first game. But she is an all around titan that OK at all situation but there is not one she is particularly good at. Ion is a titan that relies on a power bar for all of her attacks and abilities. so she is a titan you will have make a lot of tactical decisions with. Her primary weapon is the splitter rifle which has two fire modes the split mode and the default mode. The default mode dose not drain here energy mode and does a low amount of damage. But the splitter mode makes the rifle shoot 3 projectiles at once dealing more damage but it drains Ion's power bar. Her tactical ability is the trip wire which is a trap that explodes with extreme damage once "tripped over". Depending on your picking for one of your titan kits the ability can or cannot drain your power bar.. Ion defense ability is the vortex shield which allow you titan to catch enemy projectiles and then through them back at the enemy. this ability will drain you power bar,again decisions. Its ordnance is laser shot which shoots a laser beam that can be charged which takes 50% of your power bar but does a lot of damage if you hit the enemy titan in a vulnerable spot. It is also great against pilots sense you don't have to aim ahead/lead your shot. Her core ability is laser core which allows her to fire a powerful laser bean from her chest that can do an insane amount of damage So overall Ion is a titan that requires you to make lot of tactical decision. So depending on you situation make certain calls about which ability's you will use.


  • Scorch is one of the heavier titans of the game, who's plays a more up front head to head combat. He is called scorch because he kinda burns everything in his path. however he is not maneuverable at all and is one of the hardest titans to master but once you do he can be extremely dangerous. His primary weapon is the T-203 thermite launcher which is a flame weapon the shoot one projectile at a time before reloading. But it makes up for that by killing any infantry unit it hits and deals high damage against enemy titans. Scorch's ordnance is the fire wall which allow him to hit the ground and make a line of fire that deals a large amount of damage towards titans overtime. His tactical ability is the incendiary trap which allows Scorch to launch 2 canisters of high flammable gas that covers an entire area. He can then use his primary weapon ore his ordnance to ignite it and it deals an insane amount of damage towards titans. this ability is good for trapping enemy titans in corners or making them fall into a very warm surprise. Scorches defensive ability is heat shield which can relate to Ions vortex shield but instead of catching enemy projectiles, it buns them to a crisp. It is also a good ability to use when enemy titans are brave enough to get up close and personal. If they get to close to you with that shield up you will actually burn there titan. his core is flame core which allows Scorch to slam the ground and sent a wave of high dame fire in the direction he is facing in, this will either destroy or severally damage everything in front of him. So if you like playing with fire and burning things definitely give scorch a try.


North star is the final titan I will explain to you. North star is the ultimate Titan sniper. she is extremely maneuverable and should be more of a flaking hit and run Titan. This is do to here extreme mobility but she dose not have a lot of armor so she is very very fragile. her primary weapon is the plasma rail gun which is a well "Titan sniper". It is a charge up type of weapon which mean you have to aim it for a while in order to get as much damage on the enemy titan. however against infantry you can just point and shoot. North Stars ordinance is cluster missile which shoots a single missile that has a constant explosive aftermath, its a lot lack flack. This deal a lot of damage if enemy Titan stays within the clusters range. her tactical is VTOL hover which allows North Star to hover and attack from above for a short amount of time ( note she can be extremely vulnerable while in the air like this). North Stars defensive ability is tether trap which allows her to but a trap on the ground which (if enemy Titans pass by it) attaches to them and make it so that they cant move forwards or backwards. After the enemy falls into this trap use this short time to either make a quick escape or deal a massive amount of damage. North stars core ability is called flight core. Flight core allow your titan to hover in the air and move while raining constant missiles on top of your enemy's or "rain justice" on your enemy's as some other players would put it. North star is pretty fun but also another challenging titan to master but I would defiantly recommend her for some of you snipers out there.

5. choose your pilot load outs.

there are a lot of weapons in this game and I could not find a good image showing all of them so sorry. But there are multiple variants of weapons. there are Assault rifles,sub machine guns,shot guns, light machine guns, and grenade launchers. there is a very large variety of weapons in each categorize. each and every weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. But this ties in with which pilot tactical ability you chose in the game. For example if you happen to Stim (the fast moving and healing pilot) then you probably would want to use a short range weapons like sub machine guns or shotguns only because you speed up to get up close an personal. But overall it is your choice what weapon you want to play with a certain tactical.

6. Rodeoing enemy Titans

Rodeo is another big portion of the game simply because it is one of the best ways too give an enemy titan sever damage. This is what you do if you want to not only take an enemy Titan batter and deal sever damage, but you can take that batteries to your own titan or an allied titan to give then a protection shield that adds more health to the titan. after you take the enemy battery you can jump on their titan again and chuck a grenade in the battery socket and deal more damage. not though when you have a battery on your back you are a target for everyone on the enemy team so get rid of it as quickly as possible. but be aware some titans may have electric smoke which is an anti rodeo attack that the titans can deploy. once they deploy this jump off the Titan immediately. but the Titans only have the ability to shoot the smoke once so after the smoke clears you can jump on again. This is all I can really give you advice on this game as of right now I hope this has had use to you.

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