To improve the understanding of safety in aviation by transferring our technical and corporate knowledge and experience in the field of aviation to professionals in the sector.

Contributing to the digitalization of airport safety management

To increase the awareness of employees in airport safety management

Haritaevi is aware of the importance of fulfilling all requirements of ICAO Doc 9881 in the area to be studied and having all the data available in an ideal ETOD data set. This awareness will be our guide in the trainings we will provide. Process and data management in accordance with international aviation data production standards (ICAO Doc 10066, ICAO PANS-AIM, ICAO Annex 4i ICAO Annex 15, RTCA DO-200B, RTCA DO-272D, RTCA DO-276C, EUROCAE ED-76A) helps achieve national safety goals

It is an aviation information management solution that aims to share and manage land and obstacle data electronically designed in accordance with ICAO Annex 15

According to ICAO Annex 15, all participating states must make their land and obstacle data available electronically. Civil aviation organizations should carry out ETOD studies in order to comply with the international standards set forth by ICAO and to show a good performance in ICAO audits

Understanding how Obstacle Limitation Surfaces are created

Developing Obstacle Restriction Surface on a paper based on the runway located at the airport by using the ICAO Criteria

Understanding of Natural Land and how it can be modeled on computers

Understanding of human-made objects and how they are modeled on computers

Understanding the geospatial digital data standards and formats (EUROCAE, RTCA, ARINC, AIXM, Shapefile, 3D Cad files) used to record Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (ETOD) and how to interpret this information for the use of ETOD collection and records

Obstacle Management Culture

Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS)

Obstacle Identification Surfaces (OIS)

Acquisition and Collection of natural Terrain and man-made Obstacles

Geospatial digital data standards & formats for the recording and review of eTOD

Dissemination and Exploitation of Digital e- TOD with Use Cases

Software Solutions for e-TOD

Learning to analyze obstacles around the airport and ensure appropriate safety conditions

Learning ETOD requirements according to ICAO standards

To analyze all possible obstacles related to aviation well

To gain a perspective in accordance with international standards

Learning digital obstacle management in aviation

To keep up with current developments in aviation safety

It is recommended that employees in airports, aviation institutions and organizations specialized in aviation take this training


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